January 2022 Survey – National Release

YES – Pickleball is Exploding in Popularity as a Sport for All Ages!

Pickleball Canada recently commissioned a respected national research company to survey more than 2,000 Canadian households on household participation in various sports, including pickleball, soccer, hockey, tennis and golf.

The survey, conducted in January 2022 included the following questions:

  • How often do you play pickleball?
  • Why do you play pickleball?
  • Where do you play pickleball?
  • Age, gender, employment status, etc.

The survey results showed that 8% of Canadian households report at least one household member plays pickleball once per month. By extrapolating the data, this indicates that there are now one million individual Canadians playing pickleball at least once a month, with 45% playing four or more times/month. When analyzing the results from a similar survey conducted in January 2020, Pickleball Canada estimated there were 350,000 pickleball players in Canada. The 2022 survey indicates a near tripling of the number of pickleball players in Canada in two years. This analysis is supported by anecdotal reports of demands for more facilities, instruction, organized play and competition all across Canada.

The sport continues to be popular with older adults who typically play during the week. The sport is now also attracting younger, working adults as facilities become available during evening hours and weekends.

The age group showing the fastest rate of growth are players aged 18 to 34, with a 26% increase over the number of players in this group playing at least once per month in 2020. This age group also reports a very high frequency of play with 13% playing 15 or more times/month!

The reasons for playing pickleball vary by age grouping. However, for all ages, 62% report the primary reason as being “Fun” with baby boomers pushing the number up to 89%! The next highest overall response was the 38% of individuals who indicated they play for the “Social Aspects” of the game. A high percentage (66%) of baby boomers report playing for the “Health and Fitness” benefits.

The gender split is slightly higher for females except for the 55+ age group where the number of males participating exceeds the number of females.

No questions were asked regarding the number of players below the age of 18, but with the development of programs for junior pickleball players in many parts of Canada, this is a group with tremendous growth potential.

Compared to our neighbour to the south, 2.6% of Canadians play pickleball, versus 1.2% of Americans. The number of players belonging to the sport’s national governing body is also significantly higher. As of the end December 2021, membership in Pickleball Canada stood at 28,000 members, representing .07% of Canada’s population, while the USA Pickleball Association’s 50,000 members represents .015% of their population.

The last set of numbers indicates that the model we are following in Canada has been very successful in connecting pickleball players with the more than 200 local affiliated clubs, as well as with provincial/territorial organizations and with the national organization – Pickleball Canada.

Through Pickleball Canada, a valuable package of benefits is provided to every affiliated organization and participant, including:

  • a comprehensive package of insurance products,
  • a National Coaching Certification Program,
  • a national program for accreditation of Officials,
  • access to sanctioned tournaments,
  • preferred pricing for a tournament management and club league systems, and
  • Canadian Tournament Player Ratings.

These benefits help explain the growth in the number of registered participants, but the main reason all ages are playing pickleball is – ‘It’s FUN!’

For more information, contact

Karen Rust (she/her/elle)

P: 306 540 6901
E: karen.rust@pickleballcanada.org
W: pickleballcanada.org

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Pickleball Canada Launches Its New Webstore

Pickleball Canada is thrilled to announce the official opening of its webstore which can be found at the following location https://pickleballcanada.secure-decoration.com/. Pickleball Canada has heard from many of you asking when official gear would be available to purchase, and the answer is now! And, until February 28th, Gadar Promotions, our webstore fulfillment supplier, will be covering the costs of shipping on orders in Canada over $100. Pickleball Canada has worked with Gadar for months selecting the items that are now available, and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback as to what other items you are interested in purchasing. Please send any comments/suggestions, as well as photos of you in your new Pickleball Canada gear, to socialmedia@pickleballcanada.org. We will be posting some photos as we receive them, so wear your Pickleball Canada gear with pride!

Pickleball Canada Board Member Cara Button’s Role at the Beijing Olympic Winter Games

Besides her role as a Pickleball Canada Board member, Cara’s full time job is the Senior Manager of Game Plan with the Canadian Olympic Committee.  Game Plan is a total athlete wellness program ensuring athletes education, career planning, mental health and transition out of sport during their high performance sporting career.  Cara has been in Beijing since before the start of the Games to support the Canadian Olympic Team, but her role will look much different than her day job.  In Beijing Cara is the Covid-19 Liaison Officer for the Canadian Team, helping everyone stay safe and healthy, following protocols put in place by the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, and ensuring all of the appropriate paperwork for their travel to and from the Games.  Unfortunately, Cara’s ability to check out Pickleball in China will be limited so she will be excited to play against when she returns home to Calgary.

2022 Rule Change Highlights

Pickleball Canada Signs National Agreement with Onix as Official Tournament Ball

Pickleball Canada is pleased to announce that Onix (Indoor) and Durafast (Outdoor) have been named the Official Tournament Ball for the 2021 Pickleball Canada National Championship that took place in Red Deer, Alberta from August 10 – 15, 2021, and the upcoming 2022 Pickleball Canada Championships: Atlantic Regional in Fredericton, New Brunswick, June 3 – 5, Western Regional in Regina, Saskatchewan, July 23 – 25, and the Eastern Regional to be held in Quebec, date still to determined.

“We are delighted to have Onix and Durafast as Pickleball Canada’s Official Tournament Balls”, said Karen Rust, President of Pickleball Canada. “Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in North America, with over 26,000 Pickleball Canada registered players. Partnering with Onix, a company that provides top-quality balls, and supports all levels of pickleball play, is important to Pickleball Canada and pickleball in Canada”.

Since its founding in 2005, Onix has become the leading manufacturer of performance pickleball paddles, balls, and accessories and is dedicated to growing and supporting the sport at all levels. “Onix has been supporting grassroots pickleball, as well as international players and tournaments for many years. Specifically, in Canada, we have been supporting clubs, coaches, players, and tournaments for more than five years”, said Jay Simmons, Product Manager, Onix USA, and Mitchell Rothfleisch, C.E.O. Sports Topspin, Canadian Distributor of Onix and Durafast. “We are extremely happy to be working directly with Pickleball Canada and their new Executive Director, Carla Anderson. We are equally proud that Onix and the Dura Fast 40 pickleball have been chosen as the Official Tournament Balls of Pickleball Canada”.

Pickleball Canada’s purpose is to develop and sustain a dynamic, integrated Canadian system that promotes participation, competition, and excellence in pickleball.

October 22 – 24, 2021 Pickleball Canada Atlantic Regional Championship Truro, Nova Scotia

Best of luck to our athletes from the Atlantic provinces who are participating in the Pickleball Canada Atlantic Regional Championship this coming weekend. Regionals will be hosted by the South Shore Pickleball Club at the Cougar Dome in Truro Nova Scotia. There will be 17 courts with 301 players.

The schedule is as follows:
October 22 – Men’s and Women’s Singles
October 23 – Men’s and Women’s Doubles
October 24 – Mixed Doubles

To see the results live, please click the following link. https://pickleballbrackets.com/ptd.aspx?eid=cd7a56ab-ef9a-46b7-8055-2c5694d7209e


Pickleball Canada Selects Kingston to Host 2022 Nationals

Pickleball Canada today announced Kingston, Ontario as the city selected to host the 2022 Pickleball Canada National Championship (the Nationals). The event will be held from June 20-26, 2022 at the INVISTA Centre. Kingston previously hosted the Nationals in 2019 and has also been the host to two Eastern Canadian Pickleball Championships.

Over the course of six days, more than 800 players from across Canada are expected to compete for the coveted title of Canada’s best pickleballer in age categories ranging from 10 to 80. Competition categories include men’s and women’s singles; men’s and women’s doubles and mixed doubles. As a Pickleball Canada sanctioned tournament, current international rules will be in effect.

“We are delighted to have Kingston once again as the host of the 2022 Pickleball Canada Nationals”, said Karen Rust, President of Pickleball Canada. “Building on the success of the 2019 Nationals in Kingston, I am confident and excited that this will be a great event for competitors and spectators alike. I look forward to working with the Kingston Host Committee to ensure the tournament is successful and builds a lasting legacy for pickleball players in Kingston and the surrounding area.”

“Kingston is home to a large pickleball community that is both dedicated and passionate about the sport”, said Ryan Hanes, Chair of the Kingston Host Committee. “I am excited that Kingston has once again been chosen to showcase the largest pickleball tournament in Canada. Our sponsors, players, officials and outstanding volunteers are anxious to build on the success of past tournaments to create a unique and eventful Nationals in 2022.”

Kingston is a city rich in history, culture and critically acclaimed attractions. Located half-way between Toronto and Ottawa, two of Ontario’s largest cities, and within a three-hour drive of Montreal, Kingston is easily accessible through ground and rail transportation.

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the world, with over 4 million players worldwide. Over 350,000 people play pickleball in Canada and the number is expected to increase significantly in the coming years.

For more information, please contact:

Deanna Hanes
Pickleball Canada Organization


Get Ready! World Pickleball Day is October 10, 2021 – 10 10 21!

Are you ready to celebrate? Get started with ideas from the World Pickleball Day Play Book! Check out the link below for access to the Play Book and the multitude of ideas.

The Play Book provides ideas from around the World to help grow pickleball worldwide. You can use ideas right from the Playbook or adapt them for what best suits you and showcases your club and members. You will find content such as “How can I take part”, and Top 10 World Pickleball Ideas”. There are also photos, stories, posts, videos and a toolbox with logos, posters and so much more.

Let’s go Canada! And don’t forget to share your World Pickleball Celebration on Pickleball Canada’s social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We can’t wait to see what you do.



Is your Pickleball Club interested in hosting a Pickleball Canada National, Regional or Open Championship?   Imagine the excitement within your club, your city, and your province when Canada’s pickleball athletes are competing in your city.  Athletes of all ages and levels will be competing to be the National or Regional Champion in their division.

This past August, the Red Deer Pickleball Club hosted the 2021 Pickleball Canada National Championship where there were 789 athletes in singles, doubles and mixed doubles in Open, Skill and Age-based categories. Competitors ranged in age from 10 to 80 and came to Red Deer from all across Canada for the right to be crowned Canadian champions. Other cities who hosted Nationals include the Kingston Pickleball Club in and the Kelowna Pickleball Club. Clubs who have hosted Regionals include the Kingston Pickleball Club, and the Ottawa Pickleball Association.

Just think of the excitement of potentially having athletes such as Steve Deakin, Mark Renneson, Charles Neufeld, Karina Michaud Ernesto Fajardo, Cookie Drake, Paul Clemens, and Michael Botterill competing for top spots in your city.

If you are interested in hosting, click here to learn all that you need to know to apply. We look forward to hearing from you!