2-digit Ratings

These are the rating definitions used for the 2-digit rating system. They may be used to self-rate players who have never played in a tournament before or participated in performance-based club play.

Rating 1.0

  • New player with understanding of the game and rules.

Rating 1.5

  • Can hit the ball back and forth a bit
  • Learning to serve
  • Fails to hit easy balls frequently
  • Beginning to learn the basic rules such as scoring, lines, side outs, etc.

Rating 2.0

  • Sustains short rallies
  • Makes basic strokes such as forehand, backhand, volley, and can serve the ball
  • Understands court positioning and doubles rules

Rating 2.5

  • Can sustain longer rallies but not a fast pace
  • Makes most easy shots including backhands, but still needs some work
  • Able to approach the non-volley zone and hit volleys.
  • Aware of dinks
  • Good understanding of the rules
  • Struggles to cover the entire court

Rating 3.0

  • Has a consistent serve and returns medium-paced balls reliably.
  • Able to make all basic strokes. Lacks control when trying to place the ball.
  • Attempts lobs and dinks with limited success.

Rating 3.5

  • Consistent control and placement of medium-paced shots. Able to return fast-paced shots with slightly less success.
  • Improved control and placement of the ball.
  • Needs more shot variety.
  • Can play aggressively at the non-volley zone.
  • Anticipates opponent’s shots.
  • Learning the strategy of doubles play.

Rating 4.0

  • Consistent both forehand and backhand strokes.
  • Can use spin with some success.
  • Can occasionally force errors when serving.
  • May lose rallies due to impatience.
  • Uses the dink and drop shot successfully.
  • Demonstrates 3rd shot strategies.
  • Aggressive net play in doubles.
  • Full understanding of the rules.

Rating 4.5

  • Beginning to master placement and spin.
  • Beginning to master 3rd shot choices.
  • Good footwork and positioning.
  • Adjusts game style to account for opponent’s strengths/weaknesses and court position.
  • Good shot selection. Does not force shots.
  • Serves consistently and can vary speed and spin.
  • Good court positioning. Anticipates opponent’s shot.

Rating 5.0

  • Mastered all shot types. Excellent shot anticipation.
  • Accurate shot placement.
  • Forces errors. Limits their own unforced errors.
  • Mastered dinks and drop shots.
  • Mastered 3rd shot strategy.
  • Mastered different strategies and can vary play style.
  • Raw athletic ability is often what separates 5.0 players from the rest.