Long Term Player Development Plan

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The Pickleball Association of Ontario (PAO) has created this Long-Term Player Development [LTPD] framework to be a blueprint for all stakeholders involved with players of all ages. They have done this with the support of their funding partner, Ontario Trillium Foundation, as part of a national initiative in which every sport in Canada has developed a similar model. Additional funding was provided by Pickleball Canada and Pickleball Association of Ontario.

The implementation of Long-Term Player Development is a milestone for Pickleball and for Canadian sport. For the first time, every Canadian sport organization is planning around a common framework which aligns the sport system and integrates health and education with sport and physical activity. This document was developed by Pickleball experts, with the assistance of Sport for Life, and drawing on the experience and best practices of other sports. It outlines the key principles of the LTPD framework for Pickleball. The details of how LTPD will be implemented will be developed in future phases. The successful implementation of LTPD will lead to better and more skillful players, a thriving sport supported by quality coaches, officials and volunteers at all levels in Canada.

Pickleball Canada endorses this Long Term Player Development initiative for the entire Pickleball network in Canada.

Acknowledgements PCO and the PAO gratefully acknowledges the work of the following leaders and members of the Pickleball Expert Group who contributed to this document: Anne Evans, Ryan Hanes, Matthew Kawamoto, Chuck MacDonald, Fiona MacGregor, Terry Morais, Jim Parrott, Mark Renneson, Carolyn Stevens, Alex Stojkov, Cam Taylor

Photos courtesy of Michael Gauthier This document prepared by Paul Jurbala, Sport for Life We acknowledge the financial support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Additional funding provided by Pickleball Canada and Pickleball Association of Ontario.