Membership Benefits

By joining Pickleball Canada, (either through your local association/club, or your Provincial/Territorial Association) you’ll be helping the growth and development of pickleball for yourself and others in neighbourhoods, schools and clubs in your community and in other facilities across the country.

The purpose of Pickleball Canada is to develop and sustain a dynamic, integrated Canadian development system that promotes participation, competition and excellence in pickleball.

What’s in it for you?

  • Membership Registration and Payment System:  Simplified system for all players at the Club, Province/Territory, National levels.
  • Injury and liability insurance: Receive supplemental Sport Liability and Personal Injury Insurance coverage that provides protection at the athlete, Club, Facility, Provincial/Territorial and National level.
  • Pickleball Canada Newsletters: Receive members only E-newsletters.
  • Sanctioned Events:  Have the opportunity to play in Pickleball Canada Sanctioned Tournaments.
  • Access to a system to assist with your Tournament and Club League play.
  • Canadian Tournament Player Ratings (CTPR): Access to the CTPR, which applies to all PCO sanctioned Tier 1, 2, 3, and Tier 4 tournament play.
  • Be the first to know about events/tournaments: Receive advanced notice of upcoming tournaments and training clinics to take advantage of our early registration benefits.
  • English and French Communication:  Access information in both English and French.
  • Help the growth of Pickleball across Canada: Because you love pickleball, your membership increases the number of collective voices that are committed to the growth of Pickleball and supports the development of facilities for recreational and tournament players across the country.

Initiatives we are currently working on:

  • Updating the look, feel and content on the Pickleball Canada website
  • Assisting in the continued development and management of the National Coaching Certification Program to ensure coaches are Canadian certified.
  • Developing a Youth/Junior Program.
  • Developing a High Performance Athlete program.
  • Developing a Para-Pickleball program.
  • Expanding our nationally regulated officials’ accreditation program.
  • Establishing and monitoring policies on safe sport, code of conduct, discrimination, equity & access, conflict of interest, financial, and more.
  • Providing a single voice for Canada at the international level to help grow pickleball throughout the world
  • Creating a member’s only section on the PCO webstore.

How will you be helping the sport?

By joining Pickleball Canada, you will be making a significant contribution to the development of pickleball as a national sport organization (NSO) to help in growing the game in Canada.

As the NSO, Pickleball Canada endorses the provincial/territorial pickleball organizations which supports the growth of pickleball from coast to coast to coast.

Pickleball Canada:

  • Promotes pickleball as a sport in Canada
  • Develops and manages coaches/instructor certification programs
  • Develops and manages the national officiating certification programs in co-operation with the provincial/territorial pickleball associations
  • Establishes and monitors policies on code of conduct, dispute resolution, discrimination, equity & access, conflict of interest, safe sport and anti-doping and all necessary policies for the good governance of the sport in Canada
  • Will create and manage a high performance athlete development program
  • Oversees the development of para-pickleball at all levels throughout Canada.

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