Pickleball Canada Board Member Cara Button’s Role at the Beijing Olympic Winter Games

February 10, 2022
Cara Button

Besides her role as a Pickleball Canada Board member, Cara’s full time job is the Senior Manager of Game Plan with the Canadian Olympic Committee.  Game Plan is a total athlete wellness program ensuring athletes education, career planning, mental health and transition out of sport during their high performance sporting career.  Cara has been in Beijing since before the start of the Games to support the Canadian Olympic Team, but her role will look much different than her day job.  In Beijing Cara is the Covid-19 Liaison Officer for the Canadian Team, helping everyone stay safe and healthy, following protocols put in place by the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, and ensuring all of the appropriate paperwork for their travel to and from the Games.  Unfortunately, Cara’s ability to check out Pickleball in China will be limited so she will be excited to play against when she returns home to Calgary.