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Volunteer Opportunity – Lead Translator

Pickleball Canada is seeking a Lead Translator.

This key role has been very capably filled by Manon Lussier for the past five years but she has decided to retire and devote her time to other activities.

Please see Pickleball Canada’s Official Languages Policy for information regarding the types of documents to be translated.  The workload varies, with peaks when there are major initiatives underway, such as the recent preparations for the Special Meeting to vote on amendments to the Pickleball Canada By-laws.

The successful candidate will have excellent command of the French written language (grammar, syntax, conjugation and punctuation). The Pickleball Canada Bilingual Lexicon of acronyms and pickleball terms is available for reference.

We have two additional volunteers on the Translation team.  Sandra Clouthier handles Social Medial translations and Isabelle Gauthier takes care of translating documents related to the Officiating Program including the Rulebook.

Please email the Pickleball Canada President, Karen Rust at for more information or to express your interest.  Your Expression of Interest should include a resumé of your credentials.

Thank you for considering contributing to the advancement of pickleball in Canada through filling this important role.

Pickleball Canada Organization (PCO), a not-for-profit organization, was established in 2009 to further the advancement of pickleball at the national level. As the National Sport Organization for pickleball in Canada, PCO is responsible to govern all aspects of the sport in Canada, and to enable the growth of the sport for all ages, both recreational and competitive. Membership within PCO has nearly quadrupled since 2017, to over 28,000. For more information, see

Pickleball Canada Hires Project Coordinator

After an extensive search, Pickleball Canada is pleased to announce the hiring of Kaitlyn Green in the position of part time Project Coordinator.   Kaitlyn is Pickleball Canada’s second staff member and will report to Executive Director, Carla Anderson.    

Originally from Mississauga, Ontario, Kaitlyn has been involved in sport for as long as she can remember. Having completed a Bachelor’s of Sport Management at Brock University in 2019, Kaitlyn has spent time learning and working in various areas of sport including provincial sport organization, game-day operations, and event management. “We are excited to have Kaitlyn join Pickleball Canada and we feel Kaitlyn’s skills and experience will be a great addition to the team, said Karen Rust, Pickleball Canada President”. 

Kaitlyn will be completing her Master’s of Human Kinetics with a concentration in Sport Management this summer from the University of Ottawa.  “Passion drives me to seek personal and professional development within the sport industry and I am very excited to learn and grow while assisting Pickleball Canada and its stakeholders across the country”, said Kaitlyn.  Carla Anderson said, “having Kaitlyn join our team is key to moving projects forward, and with Kaitlyn’s experience with a provincial sport organization, she already has a good understanding of the sport community, and the importance of the relationship between the National and Provincial / Territorial Sport Organizations”.  


Pickleball Canada Annual General Meeting May 31, 2022 – Election of Directors – Call for Nominations

Pickleball Canada is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse Board.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status or disability.

Pickleball Canada is seeking volunteers to serve on its Board of Directors for terms beginning May 31, 2022.

For the upcoming year there will be eight (8) positions up for election at the Pickleball Canada Annual General Meeting. These positions include:

  • Six (6) positions for a two (2) year term
  • Two (2) positions for a one (1) year term

These openings will be filled by persons having expertise in the competency areas outlined in the attached Call for Nominations of Directors Package.  Interested individuals must complete the Nominee Application Form outlining their interest and experience. The completed form must be received by Pickleball Canada no later than May 24, 2022, at 3:00pm(EDT), to the following address:

2022 Western Canadian Regional Pickleball Championship

The WCRPC and its committee members would like to thank the many participants that are planning to be a part of the 1st Annual Western Regionals being held in Regina. The rest of Canada and International players are welcome to begin registering on April 18th here.

Pickleball Canada By-law Amendments and Special Meeting

Pickleball Canada is updating and modernizing its by-laws to bring it in line with the best practices of most of Canada’s National Sport Organizations. To read more about the proposed amendments and the Special Meeting click here.

Announcement: Withdrawal from IFP

As of March 30, 2022, the following nine former IFP countries, including seven of the eight full member countries, have formally notified the IFP in writing that they have officially withdrawn their participation from the federation:

  • Australia*
  • Canada*
  • Czech Republic*
  • England*
  • France*
  • Mexico 
  • Philippines 
  • Spain*
  • United States

*Also current members of World Pickleball Federation

The former IFP countries and directors are committed to building a collective international organization worthy of the respect of its member countries. An organization that is driven by integrity, democratic principles, transparency and inclusion.

A Task Force has now been established, composed of the presidents (or their designees) from the nine former IFP member countries. This group is now actively exploring and evaluating the options available going forward, which include joining the WPF, introducing a new international federation and merging the WPF into it, or introducing an independent, new international federation.

In addition, the following former IFP directors have all resigned their positions, effective March 30, 2022:

  • Board Member (Secretary)
  • Board Member (At-Large)
  • Director of Grants
  • Director of Tournament Operations
  • Director of Livestream Productions
  • Director of Sponsorships
  • Director of Education and Youth Development
  • Director of Ambassadors
  • Director of Social Media
  • Director of Country Memberships

The joy created by our sport, its inclusiveness, health and social benefits, and the ability to unite all backgrounds around the world remains our goal, as we embark on the next chapter. We remain grateful for your understanding and support.

Countries with questions can email the new Task Force at:

For more information regarding each of the following countries, click the logos below:

January 2022 Survey – National Release

YES – Pickleball is Exploding in Popularity as a Sport for All Ages!

Pickleball Canada recently commissioned a respected national research company to survey more than 2,000 Canadian households on household participation in various sports, including pickleball, soccer, hockey, tennis and golf.

The survey, conducted in January 2022 included the following questions:

  • How often do you play pickleball?
  • Why do you play pickleball?
  • Where do you play pickleball?
  • Age, gender, employment status, etc.

The survey results showed that 8% of Canadian households report at least one household member plays pickleball once per month. By extrapolating the data, this indicates that there are now one million individual Canadians playing pickleball at least once a month, with 45% playing four or more times/month. When analyzing the results from a similar survey conducted in January 2020, Pickleball Canada estimated there were 350,000 pickleball players in Canada. The 2022 survey indicates a near tripling of the number of pickleball players in Canada in two years. This analysis is supported by anecdotal reports of demands for more facilities, instruction, organized play and competition all across Canada.

The sport continues to be popular with older adults who typically play during the week. The sport is now also attracting younger, working adults as facilities become available during evening hours and weekends.

The age group showing the fastest rate of growth are players aged 18 to 34, with a 26% increase over the number of players in this group playing at least once per month in 2020. This age group also reports a very high frequency of play with 13% playing 15 or more times/month!

The reasons for playing pickleball vary by age grouping. However, for all ages, 62% report the primary reason as being “Fun” with baby boomers pushing the number up to 89%! The next highest overall response was the 38% of individuals who indicated they play for the “Social Aspects” of the game. A high percentage (66%) of baby boomers report playing for the “Health and Fitness” benefits.

The gender split is slightly higher for females except for the 55+ age group where the number of males participating exceeds the number of females.

No questions were asked regarding the number of players below the age of 18, but with the development of programs for junior pickleball players in many parts of Canada, this is a group with tremendous growth potential.

Compared to our neighbour to the south, 2.6% of Canadians play pickleball, versus 1.2% of Americans. The number of players belonging to the sport’s national governing body is also significantly higher. As of the end December 2021, membership in Pickleball Canada stood at 28,000 members, representing .07% of Canada’s population, while the USA Pickleball Association’s 50,000 members represents .015% of their population.

The last set of numbers indicates that the model we are following in Canada has been very successful in connecting pickleball players with the more than 200 local affiliated clubs, as well as with provincial/territorial organizations and with the national organization – Pickleball Canada.

Through Pickleball Canada, a valuable package of benefits is provided to every affiliated organization and participant, including:

  • a comprehensive package of insurance products,
  • a National Coaching Certification Program,
  • a national program for accreditation of Officials,
  • access to sanctioned tournaments,
  • preferred pricing for a tournament management and club league systems, and
  • Canadian Tournament Player Ratings.

These benefits help explain the growth in the number of registered participants, but the main reason all ages are playing pickleball is – ‘It’s FUN!’

For more information, contact

Karen Rust (she/her/elle)

P: 306 540 6901

March Blowout Sale!

Pickleball Canada Launches Its New Webstore

Pickleball Canada is thrilled to announce the official opening of its webstore which can be found at the following location Pickleball Canada has heard from many of you asking when official gear would be available to purchase, and the answer is now! And, until February 28th, Gadar Promotions, our webstore fulfillment supplier, will be covering the costs of shipping on orders in Canada over $100. Pickleball Canada has worked with Gadar for months selecting the items that are now available, and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback as to what other items you are interested in purchasing. Please send any comments/suggestions, as well as photos of you in your new Pickleball Canada gear, to We will be posting some photos as we receive them, so wear your Pickleball Canada gear with pride!