On July 28, 2011, Pickleball Canada was incorporated through the Canada Corporations Act.  Pickleball Canada and pickleball in Canada have grown so much over these past 10 years with 22,183 registered members! Thank you to all those who have helped build Pickleball Canada to what it is today and will continue to make Pickleball Canada a stronger National Sport Organization! Thank you to all the volunteers over the years. We wouldn’t be where we are without you. Here’s to the next 10 years!

New Treasurer Appointed to the Board of Directors

Pickleball Canada would like to welcome Peter Milovanovic (Markham, ON) to the Board and the Executive Committee. Peter was recently appointed as Treasurer over the weekend, serving until the next Annual General Meeting. Currently, Peter is President of Markham Pickleball and has volunteered with Pickleball Ontario (PAO). Peter was on the Board of Directors from April 2018 to June 2021 and served as President of PAO from September 2020 to June 2021.

Peter began his teaching career with the Scarborough Board of Education and later joined the York Region District School Board, progressing from teacher to Principal, and ending his career with a secondment in Curriculum and Instructional Services. Following retirement, Peter joined York University’s Faculty of Education to coordinate online professional development courses.  As Principal of Rosedale Academy, Peter helped establish an independent online high school specializing in differentiated, blended and online learning. Along with Pickleball, Peter enjoys walking, reading and gardening. Currently, Peter is on the Board of Directors for the York Hills Centre for Children, Youth and Families. He is also a long-time volunteer with United Way Greater Toronto.

Newly Appointed Board Members

Pickleball Canada is pleased to announce the following appointments made during the Board of Directors meeting held the evening of July 6, 2021.

Pickleball Canada President

Karen Rust (Regina, SK) was appointed President, and will serve until the next Annual General Meeting. Karen, the former VP, Administration and Competitions, and Treasurer, of Pickleball Canada, brings extensive leadership and governance experience to the role of President. Karen’s experience with pickleball in Canada includes club development, tournament management, and officiating. Karen is a retired accountant with senior management experience in the financial services industry. “I am honoured to be asked to fill this leadership role as President of Pickleball Canada”, said Karen. “We have many important priorities to address for the advancement of pickleball in Canada and by working together, collaboratively, we will achieve them.”

PCO Board of Directors:

PCO would also like to welcome the following new members to the board and the Executive Committee.

Deanna Hanes (Kingston, ON) was appointed as VP, Administration and Competitions, and Treasurer, serving until the next Annual General Meeting. Deanna was the former Ontario representative on the Board of Directors. Deanna has been involved in pickleball for the last six years and was on the host committee of the 2019 Canadian Nationals. Born in New Brunswick she now calls Kingston, Ontario home where she is raising three wonderful boys. 3 words that describe Deanna are passionate, fun, and strong. She is currently working on her Yoga Teacher Training. When she reflects on this past year, she realized she cares about furthering and empowering women and girls through sport.

Karen Hill (St. Pauls, ON) is the newly appointed Ontario representative to the Board. Karen Hill has served on the Pickleball Ontario board for a few years and now as a director at large.  But day to day, Karen is the PAO Head Official, overseeing referee training and providing referees for local and high-performance tournaments.  Karen has served as the Head Official at many of the tournaments in Ontario.  She has served on the PCO National Officiating development committee since 2018. Karen has had the chance to referee in various places around the World, including the USA where you might find her warming herself during our wicked winters!  Karen also owns and operates a private pickleball facility, providing round robins, and drills for recreation level players and competitive round robins, shoot-outs, and ladders for those that love the competition.   When not playing pickleball, or playing with grandchildren, Karen is the controller for the company she and her husband operate as landowners and farmers in Ontario.

Ted Fardoe (Winnipeg and Lacdubonnet, MB) is the newly appointed Manitoba representative to the Board. Ted is working and mentoring the next generation. Ted has spent 14 years on the board of Winnipeg minor basketball association, with10 of those as president. Ted’s major accomplishments include facilitating planning opportunities for up to 500 teams over a spring and fall season, facilitating coaching development, fair play, and elite development.  He is also a member of the WMBA foundation committee who’s mandate is / was providing funding and playing opportunities to youth where resources were not available; post secondary scholarships yearly to one male and one female athlete graduating high school who had history in the WMBA (playing, coaching, refereeing); and implementing a 10 year program to provide outdoor basketball facilities in six distinct districts of the City of Winnipeg. Ted found pickleball two years ago and it has provided Ted with new opportunities to compete and make new friends across the continent. Professionally Ted is President and owner of Canotech Consultants, a Project Management General Contracting company incorporated in 1988, servicing Winnipeg, Manitoba, and NW Ontario.

Pickleball popularity surges during pandemic

Globe & Mail article

Move over, tennis players: Pickleball people are taking over the courts

Pickleball Canada National Championship Update

Dear Pickleball Canada Member,

We are pleased to announce that the 2021 Pickleball Canada National Championship in Red Deer this August 10-15, is a GO!

Yes, you read that right, let’s play pickleball! Red Deer is gearing up for the finest championship ever and are very optimistic about the Open For Summer Plan.

Important Notes:

  • Alberta is entering Stage 2 on June 10th, of their Open For Summer Plan, and the Stage 3 opening is anticipated to be in July, which removes most of the restrictions in place.
  • Should the situation change, so may our future plans. If AHS (Alberta Health Services) delays Stage 3, or introduces more restrictions, we may be forced to cancel due to provincial guidelines.

What’s Next?

We are closely monitoring the AHS updates in Alberta as well as in the USA, regarding the number of cases. History tells us that government health plans can change quite rapidly depending on case counts. Particularly after key holiday events.

Completing Your Registration and Payment

  • July 1st, 2021. You will be prompted to return to Pickleball Brackets Website to complete your registration and pay for your events.
  • While you are in Pickleball Brackets, please take a look and select the evening meals and entertainment you would like to attend.
  • Players please ensure that you have paid your Club, Provincial and PCO fees before you attempt to pay your tournament fees in Pickleball Brackets.

We are delaying payment collection for as long as possible. You have time to make your travel plans, and also weigh the potential risks. The Provincial travel restrictions, as well as isolation requirements are your responsibility. You may be required to provide proof of vaccination, or isolation either leaving your home or returning. You can confirm at the following link – Alberta AHS guidelines here.

More to do in Red Deer than Pickleball!

In the next few weeks we will be releasing more information on travel, accommodations, things to do, tours, and other events that may be of interest to you. Our concierge team has curated a number of activities and services to make your trip to Red Deer, Alberta an unforgettable experience! Explore Red Deer!

The Fine Print:

It’s worth repeating, the Nationals are contingent upon AHS provincial health measures and restrictions. You can follow AHS guidelines for further details here.

New Executive Director

Pickleball Canada is very pleased to announce that Carla Anderson has been appointed its inaugural Executive Director.  
Carla brings 31 years of senior management experience to the pickleball system.  She was the Director of Games for the Canadian Olympic Committee, Executive Director of Taekwondo Canada, and Special Project Coordinator for the Sport Information Resource Centre. 
Carla will lead implementation of the Strategic Plan and ensure Pickleball Canada is committed to Safe Sport, and Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (EDIB).  The National Coaching Certification Program, the National System and volunteer recognition will also be major areas of focus.
Carla’s passion for sport development and her track record of getting things done will be critical as pickleball evolves to being a sport for all, for life.
We are delighted to welcome Carla Anderson to Pickleball Canada’s national leadership team.  
Carla will begin her position during the week of April 6

Insurance for 2021 – Are you covered?


We are pleased to present the Pickleball Canada Organization (PCO) Insurance Program for 2021 which is INCLUDED IN YOUR MEMBERSHIP. The program provides members with access to two comprehensive group insurance programs:

    • $5,000,000 Limit of Liability
    • $2,000,000 Directors & Officers Errors & Omission
    • $1,000,000 Tenants Legal Liability
    • Provides reimbursement for specified amounts of injury that are not covered by your private insurance or Health Care Plan.

These programs offer broad coverage while retaining group volume premium savings that allow pickleball members and organizations to save thousands of dollars a year on insurance costs.


PCO Insurance policies DO NOT provide coverage for:

  • Private or for profit clubs
  • Abuse, Harassment or Molestation
  • Social actives that are not held in conjunction with an “Authorized Activity”
  • Social actives involving alcohol
  • Claims arising out of Virus, Bacteria or Disease


Why Should You and Your Pickleball Organization Be Insured?

  • Most municipal or private owners of facilities require proof of insurance before they will allow you to use or rent their facilities. 
  • As society becomes more litigious, individuals and organizations need to protect their personal and organization’s assets.  Legal costs associated with defending an allegation could bankrupt an uninsured or under insured individual or organization.

Where is there More Information?

Liability Waivers

Accident Claim Forms

Certificate of Insurance Request form

How to Prevent Sports Injuries


**The foregoing is a brief outline of coverage provided by the policies and is not intended to change, modify, or alter any policy terms, provisions, conditions, and exclusions. **

Social Media pages

Follow us online at our new Social Media pages where we will have contests, fun and provide information everything Pickleball.

Do you have an idea for us please contact our Social Media Manager at socialmedia@pickleballcanada.org


Since the start of the current crisis related to COVID-19, Pickleball Canada has been committed to fostering a safe sporting environment. In a time where we are experiencing an unprecedented crisis, this commitment includes the health and wellbeing of pickleball players, no matter their level, as well as all Canadians in the communities where we live and play.

In March, while we were in the depth of the crisis, based on recommendations by Public Health, Pickleball Canada strongly advised that all players across the country refrain from playing pickleball.

Today, Pickleball Canada recognizes that the situation has evolved and that different areas in Canada are affected in different ways. As a progressive deconfinement is being discussed and implemented across Canada, we believe that it will be possible to make a gradual return to playing pickleball in certain cities and regions in Canada.

If you live in a region where confinement measures have been lifted or modified by government authorities and indoor and/or outdoor sporting facilities have reopened, we encourage you to start playing pickleball again. Pickleball is a unique sport which provides many benefits, particularly for people’s health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically.

However, COVID-19 is continuing to create its share of challenges and concerns and we therefore believe that it is imperative to take certain precautions to ensure that pickleball is being played in a safe environment for all. In order to prepare for a progressive return to pickleball, Pickleball Canada is issuing the following tips and recommendations for players as well as for club administrators and anyone organizing pickleball activities.

Please note that pickleball play in contravention of local, provincial or federal laws or regulations is not an Authorized Activity and consequently is not covered by Pickleball Canada insurance.

Consult our:  COVID 19 – Tips and Recommendations for Players

Consult our: COVID 19 – Tips and Recommendations for Club Administrators, Coaches and Anyone Organizing Pickleball Activities

Also regularly consult your federal, provincial and local health websites for updates, as well as the website of your provincial pickleball association and local club.





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