New Executive Director

Pickleball Canada is very pleased to announce that Carla Anderson has been appointed its inaugural Executive Director.  
Carla brings 31 years of senior management experience to the pickleball system.  She was the Director of Games for the Canadian Olympic Committee, Executive Director of Taekwondo Canada, and Special Project Coordinator for the Sport Information Resource Centre. 
Carla will lead implementation of the Strategic Plan and ensure Pickleball Canada is committed to Safe Sport, and Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (EDIB).  The National Coaching Certification Program, the National System and volunteer recognition will also be major areas of focus.
Carla’s passion for sport development and her track record of getting things done will be critical as pickleball evolves to being a sport for all, for life.
We are delighted to welcome Carla Anderson to Pickleball Canada’s national leadership team.  
Carla will begin her position during the week of April 6

Insurance for 2021 – Are you covered?


We are pleased to present the Pickleball Canada Organization (PCO) Insurance Program for 2021 which is INCLUDED IN YOUR MEMBERSHIP. The program provides members with access to two comprehensive group insurance programs:

    • $5,000,000 Limit of Liability
    • $2,000,000 Directors & Officers Errors & Omission
    • $1,000,000 Tenants Legal Liability
    • Provides reimbursement for specified amounts of injury that are not covered by your private insurance or Health Care Plan.

These programs offer broad coverage while retaining group volume premium savings that allow pickleball members and organizations to save thousands of dollars a year on insurance costs.


PCO Insurance policies DO NOT provide coverage for:

  • Private or for profit clubs
  • Abuse, Harassment or Molestation
  • Social actives that are not held in conjunction with an “Authorized Activity”
  • Social actives involving alcohol
  • Claims arising out of Virus, Bacteria or Disease


Why Should You and Your Pickleball Organization Be Insured?

  • Most municipal or private owners of facilities require proof of insurance before they will allow you to use or rent their facilities. 
  • As society becomes more litigious, individuals and organizations need to protect their personal and organization’s assets.  Legal costs associated with defending an allegation could bankrupt an uninsured or under insured individual or organization.

Where is there More Information?

Liability Waivers

Accident Claim Forms

Certificate of Insurance Request form

How to Prevent Sports Injuries


**The foregoing is a brief outline of coverage provided by the policies and is not intended to change, modify, or alter any policy terms, provisions, conditions, and exclusions. **

Social Media pages

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Since the start of the current crisis related to COVID-19, Pickleball Canada has been committed to fostering a safe sporting environment. In a time where we are experiencing an unprecedented crisis, this commitment includes the health and wellbeing of pickleball players, no matter their level, as well as all Canadians in the communities where we live and play.

In March, while we were in the depth of the crisis, based on recommendations by Public Health, Pickleball Canada strongly advised that all players across the country refrain from playing pickleball.

Today, Pickleball Canada recognizes that the situation has evolved and that different areas in Canada are affected in different ways. As a progressive deconfinement is being discussed and implemented across Canada, we believe that it will be possible to make a gradual return to playing pickleball in certain cities and regions in Canada.

If you live in a region where confinement measures have been lifted or modified by government authorities and indoor and/or outdoor sporting facilities have reopened, we encourage you to start playing pickleball again. Pickleball is a unique sport which provides many benefits, particularly for people’s health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically.

However, COVID-19 is continuing to create its share of challenges and concerns and we therefore believe that it is imperative to take certain precautions to ensure that pickleball is being played in a safe environment for all. In order to prepare for a progressive return to pickleball, Pickleball Canada is issuing the following tips and recommendations for players as well as for club administrators and anyone organizing pickleball activities.

Please note that pickleball play in contravention of local, provincial or federal laws or regulations is not an Authorized Activity and consequently is not covered by Pickleball Canada insurance.

Consult our:  COVID 19 – Tips and Recommendations for Players

Consult our: COVID 19 – Tips and Recommendations for Club Administrators, Coaches and Anyone Organizing Pickleball Activities

Also regularly consult your federal, provincial and local health websites for updates, as well as the website of your provincial pickleball association and local club.





April 2020 PC Scoop

The 2020 April issue of the Pickleball Canada Scoop is now published…

in this together …

Staying together means,

we continue to develop the programs and tools that help grow pickleball across the country now and for the future.

  • Canadian centric officiating systems and training.
  • Leagues and ladder programs for clubs.
  • A Canadian ratings engine.
  • Youth and para programs.
  • Lobbying governments for more places to play
  • A seat at the table on the IFP (International Federation of Pickleball) board to recognize Canada as world leader in pickleball
  • Providing world class, Canadian made, Instructor / coach certification program
  • Protecting our members with the most comprehensive, cost effective insurance available anywhere in the pickleball world

The support of your clubs, provincial and national organizations through your memberships provides the resources that enable our volunteers to work each and every day to grow our game and be ready for when we are back on the courts!

We have a lot of everything pickleball on our social media channels- Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

Check in for fun, facts and contests that are coming and stay engaged with the Canadian pickleball world.

As Steve, Catherine and Mark said,

“We’re in this together

And we will come out of it staying together!

New Social Media pages

Follow us online at our new Social Media pages where we will have contests, fun and provide information everything Pickleball.

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