The National Pickleball Advisory Council

Description of the Fundamentals

9 November 2021

The National Pickleball Advisory Council (NPAC) is a key part of pickleball governance in Canada.

NPAC promotes and strengthens relationships amongst the national, provincial and territorial pickleball organizations, and helps build an organized and integrated pickleball system in Canada.

Consultation, collaboration and communication

  • NPAC encourages and enables timely consultation and advice: a) through NPAC meeting deliberations; b) amongst provincial/territorial (P/T) pickleball organizations; and c) between a P/T pickleball organization and Pickleball Canada Organization (PCO).
  • PCO and P/T pickleball organizations work together, through the NPAC forum, for mutual benefit.
  • PCO and P/T pickleball organizations regularly communicate by sharing information through NPAC, and within provinces and territories.

The Members of NPAC

  • The president or designate of the P/T pickleball organizations.
  • Two members of the PCO Board and its Executive Director.
  • Periodic guests from the boards of P/T pickleball organizations and PCO invited to address specific agenda items.

NPAC meetings – agenda setting, chairing, frequency & duration, scheduling

  • Agendas are jointly set by two P/T pickleball organization representatives and the PCO President.
  • One of the PCO Board members chairs the meetings.
  • Meetings are held on a monthly basis with agendas covered within a 60 to 90 minute timeframe.
  • Meetings are scheduled two weeks prior to PCO Board meetings.

Reports, documentation, linkage to PCO Board

  • P/T pickleball organizations and PCO status reports are submitted prior to meetings but not reviewed at the meetings.
  • Positions or recommendations emerging from NPAC meetings are documented and placed on PCO Board agendas.
  • P/T pickleball organization representative from NPAC can be invited to attend a PCO Board meeting to address a NPAC recommendation.

PCO website content, other material

  • Details on NPAC function, structure and management are provided and maintained on PCO and P/T pickleball organizations websites.
  • Other communications take place by NPAC members to ensure the national pickleball community is informed and kept up-to-date on NPAC matters.

The National Pickleball Advisory Council has replaced the Interprovincial Territorial Advisory Council.

The members of the National Pickleball Advisory Council contribute in a spirit of collegiality and respect, striving to work together in advancing pickleball in Canada.