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Pickleball Brackets
Pickleball Brackets

Pickleball Canada entered into an agreement in April, 2021, with Pickleball Brackets, located in Buffalo, NY, for preferred pricing on software solutions for affiliated clubs and organizations in Canada. These solutions are

  1. Ratings Engine software
  2. Tournament software
  3. League & Ladder software

Special pricing has been negotiated on all three options. See current pricing

Ratings Engine

Some of the many calculations:

  • Number of games played
    • This helps move a player up or down faster and seed them into the rating they should be in if they haven’t played many games.
  • Point Differential
    • This will adjust a game rating outcome differently based on the points from both teams
    • Example:
      • 15-2 win will calculate a different rating outcome than a 15-13 result.
  • Team Rating
    • Team rating is NOT calculated as 50 / 50. This is because, generally, the weaker player will get 65% to 80% of the balls.
    • PickleballBrackets.com calculates the team ratings as 65% weaker player and 35% stronger player.
    • This allows higher skilled players to play with lower skilled players and not have such a negative impact on their rating when losses occur; while the lower rated player will enjoy a greater movement upward when they win.
    • Team_Rating = (((Higher_Rating – Lower_Rating) * .35) + Lower_Rating)
    • Example:
      • Jim is a 4.07003723
      • Larry is a 4.61648851
      • Their team rating would be: 4.26129517

Many other calculations to ensure an accurate rating output.

The ratings engine processes game results and updates the players’ tournament ratings.

Tournament Solution

Pickleball Brackets (PB) provides a user-friendly and reasonably-priced option for both Pickleball Canada sanctioned (Tier 1, 2, 3, and 4) and non-sanctioned tournaments.  It handles advertising, registration and all aspects of tournament operations..

Tournament Directors will find the player Canadian Tournament Player Rating (CTPR) information helpful in evaluating the appropriateness of the skill level for events entered and for event seeding purposes.

The ratings engine processes game results and updates players’ CTPRs for PCO sanctioned tournaments and the  comprehensive tournament rating which includes all tournaments world-wide (large/ small, sanctioned/ unsanctioned) that use the Pickleball Brackets tournament management program.  While not often exercised, tournament directors do have the option to exclude game results from their tournament in calculations.  This means players will have tournament ratings for PCO sanctioned tournaments as well as for the broader range of all tournaments participated in.

League & Ladder Solution

The Pickleball Brackets (PB) software makes it easy for clubs to run in-house sessions with end to end ease. Players go directly to PB and opt in for sessions their club has decided to provide. Game results are captured and processed by the Ratings Engine.  This updates individual player club ratings information in a similar manner to the CTPR

There are many options available for set-ups and duration of leagues. Contact ratings@pickleballcanada.org for more information and assistance setting up a ladder league in Pickleball Brackets.