October 1, 2021

Get Ready! World Pickleball Day is October 10, 2021 – 10 10 21!

Are you ready to celebrate? Get started with ideas from the World Pickleball Day Play Book! Check out the link below for access to the Play Book and the multitude of ideas.

The Play Book provides ideas from around the World to help grow pickleball worldwide. You can use ideas right from the Playbook or adapt them for what best suits you and showcases your club and members. You will find content such as “How can I take part”, and Top 10 World Pickleball Ideas”. There are also photos, stories, posts, videos and a toolbox with logos, posters and so much more.

Let’s go Canada! And don’t forget to share your World Pickleball Celebration on Pickleball Canada’s social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We can’t wait to see what you do.