Per Diem Program FAQs

1) Why are level 1 Referees not included in this program?

These are the top Championship tournaments in Canada, and Level 1 Referees have not sufficiently developed their skills to Referee at these major events.  Furthermore, this provides an incentive for Level 1 Referees to continue their training and development in the program and become Level 2 Referees.

2) I play and would like to Referee on completion of my matches.  Why am I being excluded from receiving the per diem on days and times that I could Referee?

Pickleball Canada approved the Officiating budget request that was submitted to them by the Officiating Advisory Council (OAC).  The OAC’s intent was to ensure that there were enough properly credentialed Referees available to Referee each day of the tournament.  It was their determination that those who wished to play at these major events should not benefit from a per diem when they are not available to Referee each day!

3) Why is payment based on the number of matches Refereed on a daily basis?

Pickleball Canada wanted to make sure that Referees who said they were committing to Referee each day, were in fact available to the Referee Coordinator for the entire day.  The number derived, 8 for double elimination matches, and 12 for round robin formats is considered not overly onerous and achievable for anyone committing to a full day of Refereeing.

4) My Wife/Husband/significant other is also a credentialed Referee.  Do we both qualify for a Per Diem?

No.  However, the 2nd credentialed Referee may apply for a 50% Per Diem, as per the Per Diem Application Form.

5) What Banking information is required to ensure a timely payment.

The Pickleball Canada Treasurer requires three numbers to allow a timely direct deposit.  Your Branch, the transit number and of course your account number.  All this information is on your cheques or available from your bank.  Please see the sample cheque below and note the group of numbers required.

  • Branch # – 12345 (5 digits)
  • Transit # – 004 (3 digits)
  • Account # – 1234567 (7 digits)