Per Diem Program

The per diem program was approved by Pickleball Canada to promote the attendance of credentialed Referees at the five major national events and to support the development of referees in Canada.

  • Eastern Regional Championship
  • Central Regional Championship
  • Western Regional Championship
  • National Championship
  • Canadian Open Championship

To qualify for payment the following criteria must be met and attested to on the application form.

  • Member of Pickleball Canada
  • Must be a Level 2 or Certified Referee
  • Travel at least 150 km to the tournament venue from home residence
  • Travel for the sole purpose of Refereeing each day of the tournament, i.e. NOT Playing
  • On average over the tournament duration of a Double Elimination tournament, referee either 8 matches. (E.g. Fri 9, Sat 8, Sun 7, Avg = 8 this would be approved) OR
  • On average over the duration of a Round Robin tournament, Referee 12 matches a day averaged over the length of the tournament.

Other stipulations for qualifying for a per diem payment.

  • In a household with two qualifying Referees, one Referee will be entitled to the full per diem, while the second credentialed Referee will be entitled to a 50% per diem.
  • The 2nd Referee will complete the line item on the application form which indicates they are requesting a 50% payment only! 
  • Each credentialed Referee will have to complete an application form.

Procedure for requesting funding and payment of Per Diem

NOTE: If this is the first-time requesting payment, provide a VOID cheque to enable direct deposit of the Per Diem, or provide your institutions Branch #, Transit # and your account #.  If in doubt, see sample on the “Per Diem Frequently Asked Questions” page.