Pickleball Canada Celebrates 40,000 Members

Pickleball Canada (PCO) has reached a major milestone of 40,000 members!

Since this past January, when our membership was at 28,000, we’ve experienced a 43% increase to reach this 40,000-member milestone.

This could not have been achieved without the tireless efforts of present and past volunteers, such as Pickleball Canada presidents, board members, officials, and coaches who have all played key roles in developing the sport in Canada.

Karen Rust, President of Pickleball Canada said, “we would like to thank all those who have played a part in this growth.  We are excited for the future of Pickleball Canada and working with other stakeholders to support the continued growth of pickleball in Canada”.

From the establishment of Pickleball Canada in 2011, many individuals have supported the organization in the role of President. To highlight the leaders from over the years, below are the Pickleball Canada Presidents in order of our incorporation to the present:

  • Bill Canning, Red Deer, Alberta
  • Colin Caldwell, Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia
  • Dave Shepherd, Abbotsford, British Columbia
  • Shirley Shepherd, Abbotsford, British Columbia
  • Marg Ouimet, Sturgeon County, Alberta
  • Val Vollmin, Red Deer, Alberta
  • Doug Thomson, Edmonton, Alberta
  • Richard Chambers, Vernon, British Columbia
  • Jim Parrott, Oshawa, Ontario
  • Kirk Jensen, Edmonton, Alberta
  • Karen Rust, Regina, Saskatchewan

Pickleball Canada would also like to thank our Affiliated Provincial/Territorial Pickleball Associations (PTSOs) who are crucial in the development of the game, as well as our Affiliated Clubs for their ongoing efforts to bring pickleball to more and more Canadian communities.

And of course, we would like to thank each of our members for your participation in pickleball and for your trust in PCO and your PTSOs to provide the best quality pickleball possible. We are committed to growing the game safely, with our members at the centre of all we do.

We appreciate the time and commitment of all volunteers who have contributed to the advancement of pickleball for all, for life.

A Review of National Pickleball Day 2022

Saturday, August 13, marked National Pickleball Day 2022 in Canada. The second Saturday of August each year is designated National Pickleball Day, an opportunity for the pickleball community to celebrate the sport that brings us together, also serving as an excellent recruitment opportunity for clubs across the country.

This year, National Pickleball Day was truly a national event, with players young, old, beginner, and advanced coming together to spend a day of fun on the courts. Pickleball Canada received submissions from members in eight provinces sharing their stories, pictures, and what pickleball means to them.

A few highlights of the stories received include:

  • Fredericton, New Brunswick – The Fredericton Pickleball Club celebrated National Pickleball Day with 5 hours of outdoor fun league play in beautiful weather.
  • Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec – The Vaudreuil-Dorion Pickleball Club hosted a successful initiation event with 32 new players registered. The club used four courts to teach new players the game, while on another four courts members demonstrated the sport and paired up with newly initiated players.
  • Grand Bend, Ontario – One and a half years ago, Dave Tomlinson’s group started with 6 players outside on a seldom used municipal basketball court. On National Pickleball Day, 31 attending players spent the day on that same court, now 3 pickleball courts, that had a $20,000 facelift. The group continues to lobby for more courts, demonstrating the increasing demand for pickleball in their community.
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba – Jeffrey Xie founded the LF South Winnipeg Pickleball Club just one week before National Pickleball Day and celebrated by teaching a group of beginner players the game of pickleball. Jeffrey is passionate about bringing pickleball to newcomers to Canada and demonstrating how sport can help immigrants build new connections and adapt to life in Canada.
  • Cortes Island, British Columbia – Don Hall and his group of dedicated pickleball players celebrated the day playing pickleball on their small, rural island off the coast of British Columbia.

As pickleball continues to see rapid growth throughout the country, Pickleball Canada continues to work to develop key programs and policies needed to advance the sport for all, for life.

Mark Saturday, August 12, 2023, on your calendars as National Pickleball Day 2023! We cannot wait to see the growth and development of pickleball from this year to next.

If you have additional stories from National Pickleball Day 2022 that you would like to share with us, please send it to Kaitlyn Green, Project Coordinator at Kaitlyn.green@pickleballcanada.org.

Why Become a Referee?

Garand Jones, Director of Officiating, Pickleball Alberta

Officiating is an important component of pickleball and as the sport grows rapidly across Canada, we need more and more referees to officiate at tournaments all over the country. Referees ensure consistent application of the rules of pickleball and enhance the tournament experience for the players.

Refereeing is a great way to spread your love for pickleball, become an expert in the rules of the game, give back to your pickleball community, and travel to new destinations!

Officiating may be right for you if…

  • You love pickleball (especially watching it)
  • You have an admiration for fair play and the rules
  • You want to give back to your pickleball community
  • You want to meet new people
  • You are looking for a new challenge 
  • You are looking for opportunities to participate in local, provincial, regional, and national competitions

For more information, including the steps to become a referee, head to the Officiating page on the Pickleball Canada website.

Val Vollmin, Alberta
Bruce Eburne, British Columbia

August 13, 2022 – National Pickleball Day

Pickleball Canada is inviting all Pickleball players to join us on Saturday, August 13, 2022, to mark National Pickleball Day in Canada! This is a special day to showcase the sport we all love, and there are so many ways to celebrate. How about hosting a tournament, providing free lessons, holding skills competitions, or inviting friends and family to join you in a day of play. It just has to be Fun!

National Pickleball Day is an excellent opportunity to spread awareness of the sport and introduce the game to new players across the country. Show your friends and family why pickleball is the fastest growing sport in North America.

If you do take part in, or organize a National Pickleball Day event, make sure to tell us about it! We would love to share your stories with our members on our social media, website, and PC Scoop newsletter.

You can send your pictures, videos, and stories to Kaitlyn Green, Project Coordinator at kaitlyn.green@pickleballcanada.org.

Find ideas to celebrate, as well as access to National Pickleball Day logos and social media frames in the National Pickleball Day 2022 Toolkit.

Keep up with our National Pickleball Day celebrations, as well as other Pickleball Canada news on our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Announcement to Pickleball National Organizations Worldwide


We are very pleased to inform you that the Unify Pickleball Task Force (UPTF) and the World Pickleball Federation (WPF) have completed a signed letter of intent (LOI) with the goal of working towards an agreement. With the LOI now signed, the following steps are now in process:

  • An Engagement Team has been established, composed of 3 WPF delegates and 3 UPTF delegates chaired by an independent facilitator.
  • The purpose of this Engagement Team is to guide and facilitate the transition to a unified international federation for pickleball that complies with the Basic Universal Principles of Good Governance of the Olympics, Paralympics and the general world Sports Movement.
  • The Engagement Team will discuss and formulate proposals including critical aspects of the transition such as Name, Branding, Country Membership Criteria, Invitation to Non-member Countries to join, basis of voting at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), etc.


As you are aware from our previous communications, the purpose of the UPTF is to guide and facilitate the establishment of an international governing body for pickleball that complies with the Basic Universal Principles of Good Governance of the Olympics, Paralympics and the general world Sports Movement.

While much work remains, we are delighted with the progress made thus far as a result of our communications with WPF.

  • The WPF has positively responded to our initial request and already agreed with several proposed bylaw changes.
  • The Engagement Team process has been agreed as the vehicle to facilitate the transition.

We are confident that the outcome from the Engagement Team process will be an entity ready to become the international federation for pickleball and fully compliant with international sporting norms.

We therefore invite your organisation to engage with either ourselves (UPTF) or the WPF directly in order to obtain all the necessary information to enable you to plan your course of action regarding joining the new entity.

The Unify Pickleball Task Force (*)

(*) Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, England, France, Mexico, Philippines, Spain, United States

2022 Pickleball Canada National Championship

Ottawa, ON

The 10th Pickleball Canada National Championship, held in Kingston, Ontario, wrapped up on Sunday, June 26th, with 954 athletes competing in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.  Categories included Open, Skill and Age-based events. 

Pickleball Canada President, Karen Rust, who also officiated during the event, said “the Kingston Pickleball Club and volunteers from across Canada are to be congratulated for providing this excellent Championship event.  The level of competition, and camaraderie has been a delight to witness, with many special memories and new friendships made.”

From June 22-26, 2022, the Kingston Pickleball Club, in partnership with Pickleball Canada, hosted the event between the INVISTA Centre and their newly created indoor courts at the Kingston Pickleball Club.  “I was extremely impressed by the way the Nationals were run this year, given the record number of participants, and the multiple venues”, said Andrea Blackwell, President of the Kingston Pickleball Club.  Ms. Blackwell continued saying that “immense credit must be given to the organizers, volunteers, referees, runners, without whom a tournament of this size would not have been impossible”.

Competitors age ranged from 15 to 84 with the majority in the 55 – 69 age group.  However, the trend for more younger players taking up the sport of pickleball was evident with the highest skill level, Open event winners all being in their 20’s and 30’s.

Competitors travelled to Kingston from all across Canada hoping to be crowned Canadian champions. Between the two host venues, 35 courts were used to hold a total of 2,445 matches. 

Pickleball Canada would like to thank the Kingston Pickleball Club and the many volunteers that took part in ensuring that the 2022 National Championship was the success it was.  

For more information, please contact:

Karen Rust, President, Pickleball Canada

Ryan Hanes, Tournament Director

Day 5 Recap – 2022 Pickleball Canada National Championships

The competition wraps up today at the 2022 Pickleball Canada National Championship in Kingston, Ontario. The event has been a success, thanks to all of the hard work from our volunteers, officials, and event organizers.

Make sure you take a look at Michael Gauthier’s Fackebook page, Pickleball Strokes for great images of competitors throughout the weekend, as well as Pickleball Brackets for a complete list of medal results.

On the courts today were the following events:

  • Mixed Doubles Age 50+ 3.0-
  • Mixed Doubles Age 19-35 3.0-
  • Mixed Doubles Age 50+ 3.5-
  • Mixed Doubles Age 50-59 4.0-
  • Mixed Doubles Age 65+ 4.0-
  • Mixed Doubles Age 19+ 4.0-
  • Mixed Doubles Age 35+ 4.0-
  • Mixed Doubles Age 65+ 3.5-
  • Mixed Doubles Age 65+ 3.0-
  • Mixed Doubles Open
  • Mixed Doubles Age 19-35 3.5-
  • Mixed Doubles Age 50-65 4.5-
  • Senior Mixed Doubles Open
  • Mixed Doubles Age 60+ 4.0-
  • Mixed Doubles Age 19+ 4.5-
  • Mixed Doubles Age 35+ 4.5-

Medal Results from Day 4:

Men’s Doubles Age 50+ 3.5-Larry Owen & Jim HowarthDan Cho & Paul WuGerald Chan & Fu Cheong Wong
Men’s Doubles Age 50+ 4.0-Gerry Pappas & Gonzanlo PagesGlenn Boisvert & Willy OttawaDavid Schwarz & Rich Pal
Women’s Doubles Age 50-57 3.0-Andrea Seels & Kim RahmeTazuko Tong & Tina BartlingJill Lacoursiere & Robin Kraul-Wilson
Women’s Doubles Age 58+ 3.0-Joanne Rebryk & Darlene PileggiSandy Richardson & Gail SchaffnerCheryl Mumford & Jean Tuling
Women’s Doubles Age 50+ 3.5-Christine Kelly & Joan PollardNelly Helms & Laurie FenosNancy Hurgoett & Donna Lumani
Women’s Doubles Age 19-35 3.0-Michelle Cundari & Alexis GyselMaelyn Greenwood & Jill DolRonnie Shing & Ponny Wo
Women’s Doubles Age 50+ 4.0-Marylouise Crespo-Michaud & Angela WeldReina McDowell & Barb FraserDonna Sas & Lynn Taylor
Women’s Doubles Age 35+ 3.5-Lindsay Auld & Jill BarkhouseLinda MacLeod & Danielle DaviauBernie Muir & Kelley Bosveld
Women’s Doubles Age 50-65 4.5-Nancy Archambault & Caroline HébertMaggie Murch & Ruth JohnsonCarol Stewart & Cathy Litton
Women’s Doubles Age 19-35 4.0-Lisa Smith & Maria KlokotzkyJennifer Boehlke & Carolina HackJill Lutz & Catherine Cote
Women’s Doubles Age 19+ 3.5-Tiffany Lin & Sara WeissFei Xiang & Karen HughKelsey Wark & Marie Camille Roussel
Women’s Doubles Age 65+ 3.5-Pierrette Guitard & Francine TremblayRoelie Vanderlaan & Toni RutlandLorie Cooper & Nancy Gregory
Women’s Doubles OpenKim Brent & Frederique LambertJessica Kawamoto & Christina ChinKim Layton & Sara McInnes
Senior Women’s Doubles OpenSusan Anderson & Pamela ClarkeBarbara Kerr & Michelle SteersMarie Jo Trottier & Murielle Huard
Women’s Doubles Age 65+ 4.0-Wendy Jackson-Sabo & Jill JakobMarian Grant Jr. & Christine GregoireWanda Jackson & Helen Rogers
Women’s Doubles Age 19-35 4.5-Meray Maalouf & Auristela Echeverria Stephanie Kawamoto & Genya StefanoffCandice Ernst & Marita Winaut
Men’s Doubles Age 65+ 3.5-Gordon Plummer & Dwight DickinsonMike Earl & John CiccrelliJean-Pierre de Beaumont & Benoit Barrette
Men’s Doubles Age 35+ 4.0-Damien Rondeau & Gui OssigMarcin Urban & Wojciech KmiecikChad Valcour & Jon Brinkworth
Men’s Doubles Age 19+ 4.0-Matt Wood & Jonathan McConnellHarman Sandhu & Brian JeffersonMarco Adam & Yvan Boucher
Men’s Doubles OpenJorge Quintero & Brad ChapmanHaddow Thul & Charles NeufeldtGregory Cuningham & Louis-Charles Amyot
Men’s Doubles Age 65+ 4.0-Alden Briggs & Reg van DrechtSteven Lyons & Walter KulbakasAllan Carpentier & Reg Lakness
Senior Men’s Doubles OpenSylcain Barabe & Patrick HuletskyBarry Mah & Brent JohnsonRob Krizmanich & Mike Wang
Men’s Doubles Age 65+ 3.0-Carl Vickers & David Gaudette Jean Cormier & Peter GambleBob Wood & Roger Richard
Men’s Doubles Age 50+ 3.0-Brian Wilson & Rockey NasturzioJohn Coleman & Bob BevinsLuke Chong & Jason To
Men’s Doubles Age 19-35 3.5-Jean-Francois Lafrance & Gino Bergeron Raymond Greenwood & John GreenwoodKarl Boutin & Stephan Chatelain
Men’s Doubles Age 35+ 4.5-Ryan Hanes & Andrew JonesSean Allen & Robert LutzGil Metcalfe & Mark Whittrick
Men’s Doubles Age 50+ 4.5-Joe Michalko & Greg KarpoRob Walsh & Samir BhatnagarSteve Robinson & Mark Cossarin
Men’s Doubles Age 19-35 3.0-Richard Boras & Michael BishopRobbie Brooks & Shannon LaBossiereMario Grenier & Joe Salazar
Men’s Doubles Age 65+ 4.5-Doug Snyder & Ralph HackbarthHarry Stewart & Wayne SwadonRobert Butnari & Bud Hebner
Men’s Doubles Age 19+ 4.5-Alexandre Gagné & James Willian HaldeJonas Daehler & Reiko PeterSam Hairston & Dimitry Phillipchenko
Women’s Doubles Age 50-57 3.0-

Day 4 Recap – Pickleball Canada National Championships

Today at the 2022 Pickleball Canada National Championships Men’s and Women’s Doubles events are back on the court for more excellent competition. Michael Gauthier is busy capturing photos of some of Canada’s best players. Head to his Facebook page at Pickleball Strokes to see more of his work.

For all match and medal results, head to Pickleball Brackets.

The events taking place today include:

  • Men’s Doubles Age 50+ 3.5-
  • Men’s Doubles Age 50+ 4.0-
  • Women’s Doubles Age 50-57 3.0-
  • Women’s Doubles Age 58+ 3.0-
  • Women’s Doubles Age 50+ 3.5-
  • Men’s Doubles Age 65+ 3.5-
  • Women’s Doubles Age 19-35 3.0-
  • Men’s Doubles Age 35+ 4.0-
  • Men’s Doubles Age 19+ 4.0-
  • Men’s Doubles Open
  • Women’s Doubles Age 50+ 4.0-
  • Women’s Doubles Age 35+ 3.5-
  • Men’s Doubles Age 65+ 4.0-
  • Senior Men’s Doubles Open
  • Men’s Doubles Age 65+ 3.0-
  • Women’s Doubles Age 50-65 4.5-
  • Men’s Doubles Age 50+ 3.0-
  • Men’s Doubles Age 19-35 3.5-
  • Women’s Doubles Age 19-35 4.0-
  • Men’s Doubles Age 35+ 4.5-
  • Women’s Doubles Age 19+ 3.5-
  • Men’s Doubles Age 50+ 4.5-
  • Men’s Doubles Age 19-35 3.0-
  • Women’s Doubles Age 65+ 3.5-
  • Men’s Doubles Age 65+ 4.5-
  • Women’s Doubles Open
  • Men’s Doubles Age 19+ 4.5-
  • Senior Women’s Doubles Open
  • Women’s Doubles Age 65+ 4.0-
  • Women’s Doubles Age 19-35 4.5-

Medal Results from Day 3:

Men’s Singles OpenLouis-Charles AmyotGary HoJordan Renwick
Men’s Singles Age 65+ 3.0-Serge DupontTony PuiBruce Bozec
Men’s Singles Age 35-50 3.0-Darren LalondeMark ButlerKarl Boutin
Men’s Singles Age 50+ 3.5-Larry OwenGerald ChanGad Espinosa
Men’s Singles Age 65+ 3.5-Jerry EitzeJean-Pierre de BeaumontBlake Handsor
Men’s Singles Age 19-35 3.5-Ivan Di CapuaDavid ClarkeRob Hill
Men’s Singles Age 19+ 4.0-Jonas DaehlerKris PoonRylan Hempell
Men’s Singles Age 35+ 4.0-Alexandre GangnéPatrick FlemingChad Valcour
Men’s Singles Age 50+ 4.0-Phillip YoungPhillippe ChollierRichard Bradley
Men’s Singles Age 65+ 4.0-George EadieRonald FultonReg van Drecht
Men’s Singles Age 50+ 4.5-Jordan RosenbergPaul MorrisonScott Mikalachki
Men’s Singles Age 65+ 4.5-Robert ButnariJohn MargesonTom Hodgson
Men’s Singles Age 19-35 4.5-Gregory CuninghamMichael Botts BotterillJustin Simpson
Senior Men’s Singles OpenRob KrizmanichMartin CoteCore Osborne
Women’s Singles OpenJoanna PhangChristina ChinMaria Klokotzky
Women’s Singles 4.0Carolina HackKaren FurlongEmma Li
Women’s Singles 4.5Marylouise MillarRebecca HackmanEmily Hoang
Women’s Singles Age 50+ 3.0-Bernie MuirLinda MacLeodNelly Helms
Women’s Singles Age 19-35 3.0-Fei XiangChoi Yuen ChanMaelyn Greenwood
Women’s Singles Age 50+ 3.5-Joan Pollard France LeblancReina McDowell
Women’s Singles Age 65+ 3.5-Marian Grant Jr.Sally JorgensenToni Rutland
Women’s Singles Age 19-35 3.5-Marie AubieLindsay AuldFabiana Camara
Men’s Singles Age 19+ 4.5
Men’s Singles Age 65+ 3.0-

Day 3 Recap – 2022 Pickleball Canada National Championships

Men’s and Women’s Singles events took the courts today at the INVISTA Centre and Kingston Pickleball Club in Kingston, Ontario. Competitors have been playing hard, leaving it all on the court as they aim for the title of Canadian National Champion. The events that took place today include:

  • Men’s Singles Open
  • Men’s Singles Age 50+ 3.5-
  • Men’s Singles Age 65+ 4.5-
  • Women’s Singles 4.0
  • Women’s Singles Age 50+ 3.0-
  • Women’s Singles Age 19-35 3.0-
  • Women’s Singles Age 50+ 3.5-
  • Women’s Singles Age 65+ 3.5-
  • Women’s Singles 19-35 3.5-
  • Men’s Singles Age 65+ 3.5-
  • Senior Men’s Singles Open
  • Men’s Singles Age 35-50 3.0-
  • Men’s Singles Age 19-35 4.5-
  • Men’s Singles Age 35+ 4.0-
  • Men’s Singles Age 50+ 4.0-
  • Men’s Singles Age 65+ 3.0-
  • Men’s Singles Age 65+ 4.0-
  • Men’s Singles Age 19-35 3.5-
  • Men’s Singles Age 50+ 4.5-
  • Women’s Singles Open
  • Men’s Singles Age 19+ 4.0-
  • Women’s Singles 4.5

Medal Results from Day 2:

Mixed Doubles Age 16-29 4.0+Frederique Lambert & Ernesto FajardoChristina Chin & Mark GottfriedEmma Li &
Louis-Charles Amyot
Mixed Doubles Age 16-39 3.5-Dora Papadakis & Colin TownsendXiaoyan Zhang & Yvan BoucherMarie Camille Roussel & Mark Butler
Mixed Doubles Age 30-39 4.0+Kim Layton & Brad ChapmanKim Brent & Charles NeufeldtCandice Ernst & Jared Uhlman
Mixed Doubles Age 40-49 3.5-Jill Barkhouse & Steve HennesseyNancy Aubin & Jean-Pierre de BeaumontLindsay Auld & James Neil
Mixed Doubles Age 40-49 4.0+Marie Jo Trottier & Andrew JonesPamela Clarke & David ClarkeRobyn Percival & Ryan Hanes
Mixed Doubles Age 50-54 3.5-Nelly Helms & Larry OwenPierrette Guitard & Sunil GuptaChrystianne Pilon & Wayne Stanley
Mixed Doubles Age 50-54 4.0+Stacey Hurley & Corey OsborneRose Sawatzky & Jason Duran Manju Sekhri & Alan Farquhar
Mixed Doubles Age 55-59 3.5-Brenda Yatabe & Marc PertuccelliSylvie Bertrand & Dave PrattLucie Bolduc & Ted Fardoe
Mixed Doubles Age 55-59 4.0+ Murielle Huard & Rob KrizmanichCarol Stewart & Gerry PappasPatricia Bertrand & Luc Germain
Mixed Doubles Age 60-63 4.0+Barbara Kerr & Alain LemayDanielle Ross & René GermainAnne Evans & Terrence Trueman
Mixed Doubles Age 60-64 3.5-Joan Pollard & Don JacksonKim Burns & Michael BurnsLizanne Mako & Dan McKinney
Mixed Doubles Age 64-69 4.0+Cookie Drake & Barry MahMarilyn Joostema & Doug SnyderWendy Jackson-Sabo & Robert Butnari
Mixed Doubles Age 65-69 3.5-Jill Jakob & Chin TanOriana Oszip & Jerry EitzeTheresa MacDonald Thompson & Ian MacDonald
Mixed Doubles Age 70-79 3.5-Donna Irving & Rob IrvingDawn Hobson & Brent HobsonAudrey Phinney & Stephen Phinney
Mixed Doubles Age 70-79 4.0+Linda Bourdeau & Vic PiccoloToni Rutland & Mike FortinKatie Holmes & Ron Chekosky

Michael Gauthier is on site at the INVISTA Center capturing some amazing shots of our competitors. Head to his Facebook page at Pickleball Strokes to see more of his work.

If you’re not already following along, make sure you head to Pickleball Brackets to keep up with match and medal results.

Congratulations to all of the medalists so far, and good luck to all competitors yet to take the court!

Day 2 Recap – 2022 Pickleball Canada National Championships

Day 2 at the 2022 Pickleball Canada National Championships has seen some incredible play in Mixed Doubles events. The events that took place today include:

  • Mixed Doubles Age 16-29 4.0+
  • Mixed Doubles Age 16-39 3.5-
  • Mixed Doubles Age30-39 4.0+
  • Mixed Doubles Age 40-49 3.5-
  • Mixed Doubles Age40-49 4.0+
  • Mixed Doubles Age 50-54 3.5-
  • Mixed Doubles Age 50-54 4.0+
  • Mixed Doubles Age 55-59 3.5-
  • Mixed Doubles Age 55-59 4.0+
  • Mixed Doubles Age 60-63 4.0+
  • Mixed Doubles Age 60-64 3.5-
  • Mixed Doubles Age 64-69 4.0+
  • Mixed Doubles Age 65-69 3.5-
  • Mixed Doubles Age 70-79 3.5-
  • Mixed Doubles Age 70-79 4.0+

Medal results from Day 1:

Men’s Doubles Age 19-29 4.0+Brad Chapman &
Jorge Quintero
Ernesto Fajardo &
Etienne Blaszkewycz
William Massicotte &
Louis-Charles Amyot
Men’s Doubles Age 19-49 3.5-John Greenwood & Raymond GreenwoodMark Butler & Amit TamrakarKris Guerrieri & Mario Grenier
Men’s Doubles Age 30-39 4.0+Jared Uhlman &
Michael McCaffrey
Emmanuel Garcia &
Marc Etienne McLaughlin
Jonathan McConnell &
Patrick Tardif
Men’s Doubles Age 40-49 4.0+Alexandre Gagné &
Ian Lepine
Sean Allen & Robert LutzMark De Abreu & Andrew Jones
Men’s Doubles Age 50-59 3.5-Scott Morningstar & Louis BoissonneaultDean Kroetshc & Jim HowarthPaul Blaha & Carl Sciuk
Men’s Doubles Age 50-59 4.0+Rob Krizmanich & Mike WangSylvain Barabe & Patrick HuletskyJeff Steers & Michael Hurley
Men’s Doubles Age 60-69 3.5-Steve Lawton & Jacques RoyJim Heaps & Marc PetruccelliRichard Beattie & Kevin Serle
Men’s Doubles Age 60-69 4.0+Phil Cassidy & David WadupDoug Snyder & Ralph HackbarthPierre Guitard & Claude Guitard
Men’s Doubles Age 70-79 3.5-Tom Brett & Haig SaadentianChin Tan & Peter WalkerGraham Hall & Keith Graham
Men’s Doubles Age 70-79 4.0+Lance Heydon & Carlos Sannzzaros Sr.Vic Piccolo & Dave SmythTerry Whelpton & Jean Cormier
Women’s Doubles Age 16-39 3.5-Sara Weiss & Tiffany LinTineke Weld & Jill BarkhouseValentina Ciuchi & Laurence Grondin
Women’s Doubles Age 16-39 4.0+Kim Brent & Frederique LambertJessica Kawamoto & Christina ChinKim Layton & Sara McInnes
Women’s Doubles Age 40-49 3.5-Michelle Cooke & Helen PakKelli McRobert & Jacqueline CollinsAudrey Joostema & Lauren Henning
Women’s Doubles Age 40-49 4.0+Rose Sawatzky & Jun LaffinNancy Archambault & Caroline HébertJill Lutz & Catherine Cote
Women’s Doubles Age 50-59 3.5-Diane Richer & France LeblancLouise Barbeau & Carolyne RoyNelly Helms & Laurie Fenos
Women’s Doubles Age 50-59 4.0+Pamela Clarke & Susan AndersonCookie Drake & Cheryl KarpoCarol Stewart & Cathy Litton
Women’s Doubles Age 60-79 4.0+Barbara Kerr & Anne EvansMarylouise Millar & Marilyn JoostemaElaine Somerville & Linda Kawamoto
Women’s Doubles Age 65+ 3.5-Pierrette Guitard & Katharine KurdylaJohanne Desfosses & Lori MartineauSaima Paidra & Dawn Hobson
Women’s Doubles Age 60-64 3.5-Oriana Oszip & Joan PollardJill Boudreau & Clare Ann QuirkLizanne Mako & Beth Spigelman

For full score and medal updates, head to Pickleball Brackets.

Check back in tomorrow for a review of the Day 2 medal results!