How does our club join Pickleball Canada?

March 6, 2021

A club becomes a part of Pickleball Canada by affiliating with their Provincial/Territorial Sports Organization (PTSO). As was noted in question 2 Pickleball Canada has agreements with almost all provinces/territories in Canada. A minimum requirement is that all members of the club must also be members of Pickleball Canada and their respective PTSO. Additionally, the club/organization:

  • recognizes Pickleball Canada as the governing body of pickleball in Canada
  • supports Pickleball Canada’s initiatives to advance and govern the sport of pickleball in Canada
  • supports the vision, purpose, core values and strategic objectives of Pickleball Canada
  • supports  and adheres to the policies published by Pickleball Canada 
  • adheres to and supports the International Federation of Pickleball rules of play as adopted by Pickleball Canada and updated from time to time. [This is an Insurance compliance requirement.]
  • will assign one individual who will act as the primary account administrator
  • agrees to use the approved Pickleball Canada process to  register new and renewing memberships

All club members must electronically accept and agree to the insurance waiver on the Pickleball Canada web site.

Once the club is affiliated with their provincial/territorial body, the PTSO will inform Pickleball Canada and the club will be added to the affiliated club list.