Volunteer Opportunity – Lead Translator

May 6, 2022

Pickleball Canada is seeking a Lead Translator.

This key role has been very capably filled by Manon Lussier for the past five years but she has decided to retire and devote her time to other activities.

Please see Pickleball Canada’s Official Languages Policy for information regarding the types of documents to be translated.  The workload varies, with peaks when there are major initiatives underway, such as the recent preparations for the Special Meeting to vote on amendments to the Pickleball Canada By-laws.

The successful candidate will have excellent command of the French written language (grammar, syntax, conjugation and punctuation). The Pickleball Canada Bilingual Lexicon of acronyms and pickleball terms is available for reference.

We have two additional volunteers on the Translation team.  Sandra Clouthier handles Social Medial translations and Isabelle Gauthier takes care of translating documents related to the Officiating Program including the Rulebook.

Please email the Pickleball Canada President, Karen Rust at Karen.rust@pickleballcanada.org for more information or to express your interest.  Your Expression of Interest should include a resumé of your credentials.

Thank you for considering contributing to the advancement of pickleball in Canada through filling this important role.

Pickleball Canada Organization (PCO), a not-for-profit organization, was established in 2009 to further the advancement of pickleball at the national level. As the National Sport Organization for pickleball in Canada, PCO is responsible to govern all aspects of the sport in Canada, and to enable the growth of the sport for all ages, both recreational and competitive. Membership within PCO has nearly quadrupled since 2017, to over 28,000. For more information, see https://pickleballcanada.org/index.php