Membership Benefits

By joining Pickleball Canada, (either through your local association/club, or your Provincial/Territorial Association) you’ll be helping the growth and development of pickleball for yourself and others in neighbourhoods, schools and clubs in your community and in other facilities across the country.

The purpose of Pickleball Canada is to develop and sustain a dynamic, integrated Canadian development system that promotes participation, competition and excellence in pickleball.

What’s in it for you?

Our new Pickleball Canada National System for clubs, provinces/territories and Pickleball Canada provides:

  • Easy to sign up single payment procedure for all levels: club, province/territory and national with instant membership and Insurance coverage for all levels of play
  • Fully bilingual [English/French]
  • Compliant with all Canadian privacy laws
  • Stay up-to-date on pickleball in Canada through our PC Scoop newsletter
  • Stay connected to Social media focused on pickleball
  • Find Places to Play in your community or across the country
  • Calendar of events for tournaments, clinics, events and competitions at the club and/or province and/or national levels
  • Eligibility to enter Pickleball Canada sanctioned tournaments
  • Officiating training and certification

In the works are:

  • Rating system for competition play integrated with membership data
    • Tournaments
    • Club and inter-club – ladder and league
  • Competition software and registration integrated with membership data
    • For Tournament play
    • For Club and inter-club – ladder and league play
  • Pathways to become a Pickleball Canada coach/instructor
  • Commercial store, products and services
  • National Youth Programs

How will you be helping the sport?

By joining Pickleball Canada, you will be making a significant contribution to the development of pickleball as a national sport organization (NSO) to help in growing the game in Canada.

As the NSO, Pickleball Canada endorses the provincial/territorial pickleball organizations which supports the growth of pickleball from coast to coast to coast.

Pickleball Canada:

  • Promotes pickleball as a sport in Canada
  • Develops and manages coaches/instructor certification programs
  • Develops and manages the national officiating certification programs in co-operation with the provincial/territorial pickleball associations
  • Establishes and monitors policies on code of conduct, dispute resolution, discrimination, equity & access, conflict of interest, safe sport and anti-doping and all necessary policies for the good governance of the sport in Canada
  • Will create and manage a high performance athlete development program
  • Oversees the development of para-pickleball at all levels throughout Canada.

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