We are Up and Launched – Together as One!

March 4, 2021

Pickleball Canada has proudly launched its new National System. This new site has been designed and built over two years and 1,000 volunteer hours.  It has been designed to handle the requirements and demands of all four layers of the organization: the national body, provincial associations, clubs of all sizes, and members from recreational to competitive.  The system also provides those just becoming interested in pickleball with a places-to-play feature, along with information to learn about the dynamic and constantly evolving game of pickleball.

Kirk Jensen, Chair of the National System Committee said, “The National System is the largest and most important initiative that Pickleball Canada has taken on.  The platform allows for managing, reporting, and sharing of information and expertise to better support our membership. It will make it easier for registrations, communications, and the handling of financial aspects for all tiers of the organization.  This will greatly reduce the countless volunteer hours spent each year, across the country, up and down the organization.” 

Jensen went on to say “The National System has been a vehicle that has allowed PCO to standardize business rules and formalize relationships between the provinces and the clubs.  This is an especially important step for our sport to continue down the path to become a recognized National Sport Organization, allowing us to access funding and a seat at the National Sport Council.” 

Into the future, the site will continue to evolve offering online resources and information for all aspects of the game with a growing library including youth development, competitions, best practices, ratings, court scheduling and more.

Richard Chambers the National Implementation Lead said, “With the open design of the system, the opportunities to add additional features and modules will be available well into the future.”  He went on to say “The cooperation, dialog and sharing of ideas from all the provinces and clubs has been extremely rewarding. Everyone had to bend a little in their ways to come together and make this a truly ‘national system’. One we can all be proud of, and that speaks highly for the future of our sport.”

All members will be able to go onto the system and login to view and update their profile.  The roll out for the Membership Registration Module will happen in phases with the YK, SK, MB, NB, NS, PEI, and NF coming on in the first phase.  BC, AB, ON and QC will roll out in the weeks ahead.  Contact your provincial association for details.

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