Pickleball Canada’s Insurance Program

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Who is an Insured?

Pickleball Canada Organization, Its Members, Provincial Territorial Sports Organizations and Affiliated Clubs.

What is Covered?

All Pickleball Canada sanctioned/authorized activities are included in the coverage. These sanctioned activities include:

  • Pickleball played in Canada by a member, including warm-ups and practice.
  • Tournament play in Canada. May be sanctioned, non-sanctioned, and inter-club play.
  • Instruction, coaching, teaching, rating, referee assessment or similar sessions done in conjunction with a PTSO or Club. The Club or PTSO must be in control of the registration of players, collection of any fees, assignment of coaches/trainers, training content and payment of any fees to instructors/trainers.
  • Demonstrations of the sport by a member.
  • Board or committee meetings/AGM and consequential Board actions and activities, excluding any activities involving alcohol.
  • Socials and social play that do not include alcohol, while held in conjunction with an authorized activity.

Note that coverage is not extended to:

  • Private Clubs Organizations, Individuals or Groups who operate any type of business.
  • Social activities that are not held in conjunction with an authorized activity.
  • Social activities involving alcohol.
  • Claims arising out of virus, bacteria, or disease.
  • All activities other than play and practicing pickleball in Canada outside of club activities

Summary of Coverage

General Liability Insurance Protection – $5 Million

This coverage will pay on behalf of the insured and the additional insured where applicable, all sums which the insured shall become legally obligated to pay as compensatory damages for actual bodily injury to participants, spectators and other members of the public and for property damage that the insured shall become legally obligated to pay by reason of liability imposed by law as a result of engaging in PCO authorized/sanctioned activities.


The coverage ($2 million) is intended to pay for compensatory damages due to a defined “wrongful act” subject to the policy definitions and exclusions.

A wrongful act is defined as:

  1. Any actual or alleged negligent error, misstatement, or misleading statement
  2. Any actual or alleged negligent act, omission, neglect or breach of duty

Key exclusions:

  1. It doesn’t extend to such items as “employment practices” (i.e. wrongful dismissal etc.). The intent is for the basic financial management of the club/league etc.
  2. “Insured versus Insured” losses (i.e. board members (past or present) suing other board members (past or present).
  3. Coverage doesn’t extend to any insured who is a member of a licensed or certified profession where such activity is related to the practice of such profession (whether on a voluntary basis or otherwise).


Currently isn’t covered. Separate liquor policies to be required.

For any liquor liability coverage please contact – pickleball-tp@lloydsadd.com


Sports Accident Insurance

Provides protection during games, practices (Pickleball Canada authorized activities). One plan covers all participants throughout the entire season. limits apply to certain sports accident claims.

**Please note – There is no form of wage loss insurance associated with this insurance program**

As outlined with in the policy wordings, coverage is available for the Insured Person (member participant) during the following circumstances:

  1. Participating as an Insured Person of the Policyholder in practice or competition in the sport of pickleball, which practice or competition is approved by and under the supervision of proper authority of the team, club, organization or the Policyholder of which the Insured Person is a member.
  2. Being transported with other Insured Persons directly to or from such practice or competition under the supervision of proper authority of the team, club, organization or the Policyholder of which the Insured Person is a member.
  3. Air travel coverage is limited. It only applies while the Insured Person is riding as a passenger and not as a pilot, operator or Member of the Crew in or on, boarding or alighting from any aircraft operated on a regular flight by a domestic or international scheduled air carrier. The aircraft must be operated by a duly licensed pilot and have a current unrestricted Airworthiness Certificate.

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Provides reimbursement for specified amounts of injury that are not covered by your private insurance or Provincial/Territorial Health Care Plan.

Insurance Resources for Pickleball Canada Affiliate Clubs and Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations:


Pickleball Canada requires that all participants participating in a Pickleball Canada activity sign a liability waiver. The liability waiver releases Pickleball Canada, PTSO, Club and members from any and all claims.



If your association requires proof of insurance (i.e. for the rental of facilities, etc), application may be made by way of the following form:

  • Certificates of Insurance will only be issued to PTSO & Affiliated clubs.
  • Certificates of Insurance will not be issued to individual members.

The foregoing outline of coverage provided by the policies is not intended to change, modify, or alter any policy terms, provisions, conditions, and exclusions.

*For further information on insurance, please contact insurance@pickleballcanada.org*