in this together …

April 14, 2020

Staying together means,

we continue to develop the programs and tools that help grow pickleball across the country now and for the future.

  • Canadian centric officiating systems and training.
  • Leagues and ladder programs for clubs.
  • A Canadian ratings engine.
  • Youth and para programs.
  • Lobbying governments for more places to play
  • Providing world class, Canadian made, Instructor / coach certification program
  • Protecting our members with the most comprehensive, cost effective insurance available anywhere in the pickleball world

The support of your clubs, provincial and national organizations through your memberships provides the resources that enable our volunteers to work each and every day to grow our game and be ready for when we are back on the courts!

We have a lot of everything pickleball on our social media channels- Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

Check in for fun, facts and contests that are coming and stay engaged with the Canadian pickleball world.

As Steve, Catherine and Mark said,

“We’re in this together

And we will come out of it staying together!