Provincial/Territorial Pickleball Associations

Affiliated Provinces/Territories

The following Provincial/Territorial Pickleball Associations are affiliated with Pickleball Canada:

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland & Labrador
Nova Scotia

An affiliated provincial/territorial pickleball association:

  • Is a registered not-for-profit organization in its province/territory and has the appropriate governance infrastructure in place to adequately promote and support the playing and growth of pickleball in its jurisdiction
  • Is recognized by Pickleball Canada as the sole representative of Pickleball in their territory.
  • Recognizes and supports Pickleball Canada as the governing body of pickleball and its initiatives to advance and govern the sport in Canada.
  • Supports the vision, mission, goals and policies of Pickleball Canada.
  • Adheres to and supports the international rules of play as adopted by Pickleball Canada.

An affiliated provincial/territorial pickleball association agrees:

  • Its members must be members of Pickleball Canada, and all Pickleball Canada members residing in a province/territory affiliated with Pickleball Canada must be a member of that provincial/territorial affiliate.
  • To use the approved Pickleball Canada process to register new and renewing participants.
  • To recognize and support the affiliated clubs definition [pending] of Pickleball Canada.
  • Its representative will be an active member of National Pickleball Advisory Council (NPAC).
  • To make every effort to host an annual sanctioned tournament in their jurisdiction.