What type of activities/play is covered?

June 16, 2020

Authorized Pickleball Sports Activities:

Scheduled and unscheduled play at a Pickleball Canada affiliated club by a  Pickleball Canada Member.Including all warm ups, games, play, In-House or Inter-Club tournaments, demonstrations, instructional**, practice sessions and rest periods as defined by the IFP rulebook. **Please note: clinics from other than Pickleball Canada certified coaches/instructors (private coaches MUST have their own coverage)
Tournaments – Sanctioned and SupportedPlease refer to Tournaments Overview

*** NOTE: From a sports insurance and risk management perspective, tournaments and sports meets represent a higher than normal risk of injury and related lawsuits due to the elevated level of competition, the number of people in attendance and level of play that typically takes place at such events. Tournaments are made up of multiple teams playing at the same time, which entail more players, spectators, administrators, coaches, etc. than attend regular-season games and events.

Events with such crowds can typically include food vendors, photographers, sportswear and sports equipment vendors, and volunteers monitoring entrances, parking lots, registration areas, and first aid stations. Tournaments also can include unrelated activities such as  playgrounds, music, face painting and other forms of entertainment.

Tents, canopies, stages, booths and other temporary structures also are often required for tournaments/meets, which always present the possibility of collapse. Grills, fryers and electrical equipment for food vendors are potential hazards, as well.
AGM’s, Board Meetings and other business meetingsAs held by affiliated clubs and Province/Territories where alcohol consumption is not involved.