What Provinces and Territories have PTSOs?

  • All provinces other than Prince Edward Island have a Pickleball Provincial Sports Organization.
  • The Yukon has a Territorial Sports Organization while the Northwest Territories and Nunavut do not.

What are the roles of the various pickleball organizations?

  • As the National Sports Organization of pickleball, Pickleball Canada is responsible for:
    • governing all aspects of the sport in Canada,
    • implementing national initiatives to develop and promote the sport,
    • developing national programs for coaches and officials, and
    • managing national high level performance programs.
  • Provincial and Territorial Sports Organizations (PTSOs) are the bodies recognized by Pickleball Canada as the governing body for pickleball in their province or territory who:
    • lead, develop and promote the sport within their province,
    • provide training for coaches and officials, and
    • support provincial high level performance programs.
  • Pickleball Clubs provide opportunities for participants to:
    • be introduced to pickleball in an inclusive manner,
    • participate recreationally in a fun, healthy and socially interactive way,
    • systematically improve and measure their performance against others in competition in a safe and ethical manner, and
    • provide pathways for high performing athletes to progress.