Where can I get more information regarding insurance?

More information on Insurance is available on the Pickleball Canada website or contact insurance@pickleballcanada.org.

I was injured playing pickleball. How do I submit a claim?

Complete and submit the Accident Claim Form.

Our club wishes to rent a facility to play pickleball and the facility requires a Certificate of Insurance. How do we get it?

An affiliated club can easily and quickly receive a Certificate of Insurance by completing this request form. You should have the Certificate within a day.

I am a Director of a club. Do I have any additional coverage?

Yes – you have $2,000,000 Director and Officer’s Liability – also known as ‘Wrongful Acts’ or ‘Errors and Omissions liability. More information can also be found on the Insurance Overview page on the Pickleball Canada website.

When does my coverage begin and end?

Your coverage begins the day you register or renew and pay your Pickleball Canada fee. Your coverage terminates on your renewal date (sometimes called expiry date or paid through date) – if you do not renew.

What insurance coverage is provided for me by Pickleball Canada?

Did you know that of your $10 Pickleball Canada fee $2 pays for your insurance? An insurance Overview can be found on the Pickleball Canada website.

  • As an individual you are covered for Commercial General Liability – bodily injury , personal injury, property damage and associated legal costs. As well, you are covered for medical costs for Sports Injury related to authorized pickleball activities.