Who do I ask if I have insurance questions?

Adam Thomson @ 403-209-5447 or athomson@toolepeet.com

Note:  The preceding responses to the FAQ’s are not intended to change, modify or alter an policy terms, provisions, conditions or exclusions.

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Does coverage extend to claims under provincial or federal personal privacy laws?

No.  A separate waiver tailored to your specific province should be put in place. A sample of such Waiver is attached [here] which may possibly be modified to suit your specific provincial requirements.

Our Club already has a liability policy in place. Is there any additional value from coverage under the PCO policies?

Yes.  The Sports Accident policy is generally not included in the usual coverage packages that Club’s get.  There may be a duplication of items under the Liability policy.  Each situation is different, so a review should be undertaken by you to ensure you have proper coverage at the lowest possible cost.

Am I covered for lost wages?

Sports Accident policy covers member for up to $20,000 in lost wages if unable to work at any job for a continuous period of 12 months following an accident which is deemed to be permanent or irrecoverable.

When does insurance coverage commence?

Upon verifiable receipt of your PCO membership fee by your club, Province or PCO upon issuance of your new or renewed membership.

Can I get a reduction in my dues if I don’t want or believe I need insurance?

No. Dues are minimal. Coverage is priceless. Hopefully you will never need it.

Why should we Sanction our tournament when In-House tournaments are also an Authorized Activity and therefore insured?

Insurance coverage is only one of the many benefits of Sanctioning a Tournament as discussed in-depth under “Tournaments”.

Why am I asked to sign a Liability Waiver before joining or renewing with my club or with PCO? It seems very onerous and one sided.

The suggested Liability Waiver was prepared by a law firm experienced in the field of sports law as requested by our insurer.  The signing of a Waiver is strongly suggested and will ultimately be  mandatory for membership as it is multi-purpose including:

  1. Educational- the Waiver reinforces the fact that there are risks associated with playing pickleball as is the case for all sports.  Members need to be aware of these risks and take positive action to reduce their likelihood of occurrence by playing safely, within their limits and with proper preparation.
  2. Preventative- the Waiver conditions reinforce for the member that they should not play in facilities or under conditions that they consider unsafe for them.  
  3. Individual protection – we unfortunately have become a litigious society. With the Waiver being signed by you and all others you’re playing with, it can be used by you and/or the insurance company to defend against a claim from another player if, for example, injury results from a serious collision between two of you. 
  4. Organizational protection- similar to individual protection, your club, provincial organization and/or national organization if named in a multi-party claim is afforded the ability to defend such a claim.

If clubs allow non-PCO members to play at their facility as guests or for orientation, etc.  the Club should have a similar waiver for them to sign.  Non-PCO members are not covered by PCO insurance.

What is the process for a Participant Sport Accident Claim?

Please complete the attached claims form (Eng) and return the originals along with initial receipts within 60 days of the accident occurrence to:

Toole Peet & Co Limited
P.O. Box 4650, Station C
1135 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2T5R5

How do I request a certificate of insurance?

Certificate requests can either be emailed to athomson@toolepeet.com or by clicking the following certificate request form link HERE. Please provide the name and mailing address of the company or organization that is requesting it.