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Pickleball Canada Goes Global

Chuck Gaudette, a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, contacted Pickleball Canada to see if we could help with getting Pickleball going in the middle east during his deployment.

Our response was YES! What can we do to help?

The answer is through the generous and immediate support of Head/Penn Pickleball we will be shipping a net, paddles, balls and bags to get the game off the ground for our military overseas!

Check out Chuck’s video. We look forward to his updates over the coming months.

It is an honour for Pickleball Canada to help provide our military with the opportunity to grow our game around the world!

Thank you to our military troops… and game on!

Update from the President

Doug Thomson

  1. What’s all the noise about the Integrated Technology Platform and what’s it going to do for me?  
    This is our top priority as the value add is huge for everyone in the PCO family.  The “Everything Pickleball” project will consolidate “all things Pickleball” into a single database:  membership, tournaments, ratings, club competition, officiating etc. Comprehensive, cost effective, user friendly, and efficient is our goal.  Lots of people are working very hard to make this a reality in 2020 for our 20,000+ members.
  2. How are we progressing with the Sports Canada eligibility criteria?
    GREAT! 20 of 28 Eligibility Criteria are complete.  Manitoba is the latest addition to the family, and we have made huge progress on the Long-Term Player Development and the National Canada Coaching Program.​
  3. Anything going on with insurance? 
    Yes, a complete rewrite of the website insurance section has been completed as has the 2020 insurance renewal which contains some coverage enhancements.  You’re protected better than ever. Look for the Insurance News Flash is this PC Scoop with a more complete update coming in January. 
  4. Is there anything happening in the tournaments area? 
    Tournament listings increased significantly this year and the calendar for 2020 continues to fill.  National, Regional and Provincial Championships are being finalized.  Check out the tournament calendar on the website for more details.
  5. What’s happening with a Youth/Juniors program?  
    The project is alive and well and progressing under the leadership of John Hyland.  He has a heavy lift but is working diligently on it.  Stay tuned for further progress reports​​.
  6. Is PCO ever going to have any revenues other than membership fees?  
    Yes, Jeff Rooney is passionate about this and has many irons in the fire to ultimately reap the benefits from his work in marketing, partnerships and strategic alliances.  The groundwork is being carefully laid and the results will ultimately show. Stay tuned for important updates and more on the PCO website.​​

Need to Know

  1. Insurance:  
    Did you know that over the last three years, there have been 37 Sport Injury Claims paid to PCO members ranging from $220 to $3,000 individually?  Certainly, none of these Members are questioning the value of PCO insurance.  Do you know someone who is?
  2. Cost:
    The 2020 Insurance cost per member will be $1.99.  This represents 40% of your yearly membership dues.
  3. Who is new?:  
    John Hyland, Youth Co-ordinator: John Honsberger, Web Management, Allen Wilson, IT Support
  4. Open Position:  
    Translators – this is a critical role for PCO.  We need your support and a few hours of your time per month.  
    Please contact Jean-Martin to help out.
  5. Officiating Update:  
    The Officiating Committee that created the original PCO Officiating Framework, for the most part, has been brought back together under recently appointed … Read More

Insurance News Flash

Drop-in play is now an authorized Pickleball activity for insurance purposes. 

Members are personally covered under our Liability and Sport Accident policies for drop-in play at an affiliated or non-affiliated venue.  A non-affiliated venue is generally owned privately or publicly and should carry their own insurance as it is not insured under Pickleball Canada policies.

As well, the instructor/coach activity has been clarified such that these activities undertaken by a Pickelball Canada member are also covered.  Such activities include Pickleball instruction, teaching, ratings or similar services on a volunteer or paid basis. Non Pickleball Canada members providing such services must provide their own insurance coverage for their activities and should provide proof that such exists.

The insurance renewal process is underway and additional enhancements are being reviewed for their necessity and cost effectiveness.

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