The purpose of Pickleball Canada is:

“to develop and sustain a dynamic, integrated Canadian developed system that promotes participation, competition and excellence in pickleball.”

The PCO cloud based integrated technical platform [ITP] is being designed to be one stop web network for players, organizations/clubs, provinces/territories [PTSO] and Pickleball Canada. The interconnected four tier network [individual – club or organization – province/territory – national management] will save significant time of volunteers at all three levels. Additionally it will substantially increase the opportunity for all players at all levels and skill sets, to advance the sport of pickleball across Canada.

Members and potential members  gain by participating in activities delivered by an organization or club recognized by Pickleball Canada. The public can be assured appropriate standards of coaching, technical programming at all levels of play, officiating, ratings/rankings and safety have been considered. This will provide individuals with an enjoyable experience while benefiting from the sport of pickleball participation.

[For those clubs or organizations interested in this new platform, there is a form below that you can fill out to express your interest. There is no obligation for you to participate. It is simply an Expression of Interest process so PCO can gauge national-wide demand to first ensure that we have the capacity to meet your needs and second to prioritize your interest]

Club or Organization/PTSO Membership Benefits:

General Benefits: [specific to each club/PTSO: club only administer their club/PTSO members]

  • Create and maintain an integrated club web site with the following options [Note: for clubs/PTSO’s that have their own web site, a simple “portal’ link can be created]
    • Option One – On the “club” and/or “Event” page on the new platform, clubs can create and manage different sections. Please click HERE for a view of what is possible for member clubs. Tabs and look are completely customizable for each club.
    • Option Two – customize a simple website (i.e. design with club logo, colors, sections  they want, custom domain name, etc). As of now: One time fee of $250 – $750 depending on what is required.
    • Option Three – If the club or organization/PTSO requires a more sophisticated site, we would be happy to co-ordinate this option with our platform provider when the system is launched. In the meantime, please fill out the Expression of Interest form below.
  • Seamless interface between the club or organization/PTSO web site and the member management system
  • Set up any number of club or organization/PTSO administrators
  • Clubs or Organizations/PTSO can set their own membership fees
  • New and renewal membership automatic payment processing
    • Member pays for club or organization, provincial/territorial and national fee once
    • Administrative fees are optionally charged to the member or can be absorbed by the club or organization/PTSO. Click HERE [pending] for more details
    • Payouts to the club or organization/PTSO are automatic to a selected bank account
    • Payout schedule to the club or /organization/PTSO accounts is determined by the club or organization/PTSO [Note: each payout is charged $1.25 processing fee]
  • Membership profile management – full edit capabilities on each club or organization/PTSO profile at the administrator level

    [For a full list of individual membership benefits click HERE]
  • Commercial application for selling directly to club members This could include merchandise, events and clinics.
  • Ability for clubs or organizations/PTSOs to define membership dues at any time
  • Event management – set up club or organization/PTSO events and advertise to members, optionally use the payment gateway to manage any event charges. [Note: administrative charges apply when using the system payment gateway that are charged to the purchaser]
  • Competition software – optional

    For club or organization ladder
    For club or organization or inter club or organization league play [fees possible]
    For recreational competition play [fees possible]
    For tournaments [Note: Tournament software use may be charged at $2.50 per registrant]
  • Automatic ratings/rankings – optional
    • A rating/ranking for club or organization [recreational rating/ranking]
    • A rating/ranking for tournament play at either the club or organization level, provincial/territorial level, national or international level. [performance rating/ranking] [Note: for more information on the rating/ranking system, please click HERE] [pending] Note: More information on this system will be available July 2020
  • Built in help videos for administrator and for member
  • Full electronic communications functionality to your members for simple emails or for more sophisticated newsletters
  • Fully customized welcome messages for new members
  • Fully customized renewal messages for renewal members
  • Full reporting capabilities in PDF or Excel download
  • Set up and administer your own Places to Play and automatically link to the National and International Places to Play networks
  • Ability to set up customized fields for your club or organization/PTSO

Expression of Interest

Submit an expression of interest request to establish your priority when IPP is launched, expected Summer 2020. CLICK HERE