Tournament Overview

Sanctioned or Supported Tournaments

Sanctioning or Supporting is the process through which Pickleball Canada grants qualifying tournaments the Sanctioned or Supported designation. A Tournament Director (TD) who applies for  and receives sanctioning, agrees to meet and abide by all the sanctioning requirements and therefore, the TD and the players who participate in a sanctioned event are eligible to receive the benefits associated with sanctioning or supported.

[NOTE: We have two level of tournaments with the first being a “Supported” tournament which has all the benefits of our second category “Sanctioned”.  Both must adhere to IFP Rules, all players must be Pickleball Canada members and use balls and paddles from the approved lists.  The Supported tournaments has all the benefits of a Sanctioned Tournament except we will not require reporting of results and we will not accept rating recommendations.  The Supported may have a bunch of non-standard formats, not want to use a tournament management software, it might be the first tournament for the organization or other issues that it could not meet the requirements for a Sanctioned tournament.]

Benefits to Tournament Directors

By agreeing to abide by the sanctioning/supported requirements, Tournament Directors receive the following benefits:
  • Marketing support from Pickleball Canada to ensure maximum exposure to your area or across Canada
  • Targeted emails announcing your tournament and driving participation to your registration process
  • Support from Pickleball Canada Tournament Sanctioning and Operations volunteers (if required and available)
  • Use of the sanctioned logo in all event media
  • Discounted fees when using
  • General liability insurance for the event and sport accident insurance for the player
  • Athlete accident claim report (pdf) and certificate of insurance
  • Free listing and flyer attachment on the Pickleball Canada tournament calendar
  • Increased participation. Competitive players prefer events run in accordance with all Pickleball Canada rules
  • Increased player participation because of tournament rating eligibility
  • Public acknowledgement that your local organization supports Pickleball Canada governing body of Pickleball in Canada

Benefits to Players

Players receive the following benefits at no additional cost:
  • Compete with your peers
  • Rating recommendations and/or reevaluation of rating for qualifying players
  • Many matches referee officiated
  • Eligibility for Tournament Rating
  • Insurance coverage for the participant
  • Unrated players can receive a Pickleball Canada skill rating following the event
  • Standardized and Approved IFP Rules and playing formats will be used

For Pickleball Canada-Sanctioned and Supported Tournaments, Pickleball Canada has adopted the rules for IFP-Sanctioned tournaments as defined in the Official Tournament Rulebook of the International Federation of Pickleball. These sanctioning rules are designed to be used only for the conduct of Pickleball Canada-sanctioned tournaments. A Pickleball Canada-sanctioned tournament allows players to be ranked on a national basis. Non-sanctioned or Supported tournaments may also use these sections as guidelines. Please refer to the Pickleball Canada Tournament System for further information. [A Supported tournament differs from a Sanctioned tournament in that there is no rating system provided and the use of officials for matches is determined by the Tournament Director]

In-House Tournaments:

Tournament directors for in house tournaments may be flexible in the use of these IFP guidelines [sections 13 -15 only] to better fit the skills, ages, and diversity of their players. Pickleball Canada enthusiastically encourages these in house tournaments to promote knowledge, growth of the game, skill development, and having fun while playing pickleball. Such tournaments may be PCO calendar supported or not. (Submit New Tournament Process)

Tournament Directors Guide and How to Apply:

GUIDE including how to apply