Doug Fogg

Meet Doug Fogg from Alberta. Doug is Pickleball Canada Organization’s (PCO) Regional Director Prairies and was appointed in June of 2022.

Doug was a founding board member of Pickleball Alberta as Charter Vice President, as well as a founding board member of Edmonton Pickleball Club. A major focus in his role with Edmonton Pickleball Club is to get permanent pickleball courts built in Edmonton. Other governance experiences Doug holds include:

  • Original founding member and treasurer of Woodvale Community.
  • Past Board Member of MCARFA who supplied recreation and cultural facilities in Millwood’s.
  • Past Director of Little League in Millwood’s.

Doug belongs to the Sun City Grand Pickleball Club in the USA, a 22-court facility with 1700 members. In the US, he has planned several pickleball events that have included Canada vs USA match-ups. Doug has played competitive sports all his life including baseball, hockey, volleyball, lacrosse, badminton, and for the last 10 years, pickleball.

Doug and his business partners owned Cushman and Wakefield commercial real estate in Edmonton where they were the largest commercial real estate company in the city. Selling his shares 8 years ago, Doug now consults for some long-term clients. Doug was a long-term member of ICSC and BOMA and was a guest lecturer and moderator for some 20 plus years. Doug’s strength is being able to work with groups and help direct a path and vision to get tasks completed.

In his community, Doug has coached hockey and baseball, as well as guest lectures at University of Alberta in commercial real estate for some 20 years and helped set up their commercial real estate program. Doug is married with 2 kids and 3 grandchildren and spends half his time in Edmonton and half time in the Phoenix area.

How to contact Doug: