Elaine Roy

I think pickleball is a fun sport but is more than that, I am convinced that this sport has a great future. There are still many possible avenues to develop, and work to be done to ensure that pickleball reaches its full potential. I would like to contribute, in a small part, to its success by getting involved in the Pickleball Canada Organization (PCO).

I am president of my regional club, a director of the Quebec Pickleball Federation (FQP), on which I am in charge of the Youth Development Program. I am also the new Youth Program Coordinator for the Pickleball Canada Organization (PCO).

All my life I have worked in the field of Education. Alongside my career in education, I have always been involved in sport. For more than 35 years, I have been an athlete, coach, instructor, referee and a member of of many Boards of directors. The development and practice of sport has always interested me and sport has given me a lot. I also believe in the “Pay it forward” principle.

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