Bryna Kopelow

Meet Bryna Kopelow from British Columbia. Bryna is Pickleball Canada Organization’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Consultant. She is working on EDI education, awareness and policy.

Bryna brings 35 years of expertise to our organization as a member of JW Sporta – Health, Physical Activity and Sport Education Consultants. A past chair of CAAWS (Canadian Women and Sport) and ProMOTION Plus, Bryna is also a Board Member of Motivate Canada and BC Wheelchair Basketball Society and a past Board member of Sport BC and BC Recreation and Parks Association to name just a few of her credentials.

Bryna has enjoyed playing pickleball for 6 years and decided to join PCO to merge her passions and wanting to contribute to the growth and development of a sport with unlimited potential. Her greatest accomplishment is being a working mom. She enjoys cooking for family and friends, reading and practicing yoga. Upon reflecting she says of this past year she has learned how much she appreciates in person interaction. Bryna can be described in three words: Motivated, Caffeinated and Animated!

How to contact Bryna: