Ted Sherback

Ted Sherback

Insurance & Risk Management

Meet Ted Sherback from Alberta. Ted is Pickleball Canada Organization’s (PCO) Insurance & Risk Management Chair. He is responsible to advise PCO on matters involving insurance and risk management.

Ted was an insurance broker for 35 years before retiring at the tender age of 54.

He encourages every pickleball player to join Pickleball Canada, “I believe that if you’re a teacher, you should belong to the Teachers Association.  If you’re a pickleball player, you belong to Pickleball Canada.  We all need to band together to promote the sport of Pickleball.”

Playing pickleball for the past five years his favourite pickleball moments are watching people grow and develop in the sport. Ted lives half the year at Sylvan Lake, Alberta and the other half in Palm Springs, CA. His favourite hobby was flying after obtaining his pilots license since 18 years old and then obtained an Airline Transport Pilots License. Ted also enjoys racing sail boats, it’s the only sport where you can scare the crap out of yourself at 6 knots.

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