Robert Hogue

Director at Large

Meet Robert Hogue from Quebec.  Robert was elected to Pickleball Canada’s Board of Directors in 2020 and was responsible for Translation, along with his wife Manon Lussier, and PCO relied heavily on their translation expertise.   Robert joined PCO as he believes it plays a vital role in communities by promoting sport as a way of life.

Playing pickleball since 2017, his favourite moments are when he is involved in workshops and gets to share the passion of pickleball to young people from 6 to 16 years old. Roberts greatest accomplishment in the sport of pickleball came in 2020 when he actively participated in having the Fédération québécoise de Pickleball recognized as a government sport organization.

When not involved with pickleball Robert has skills in construction and renovations.

3 words that describe Robert are: Sportsman, Gatherer, Caring!

When asked what he realized he cares about over the past years, Roberts response was: “I have secured, from the municipality where I live, the construction of 8 new pickleball outdoor courts for a population of 40,000 citizens.”

How to contact Robert: