Linda Jefferies

Linda Jefferies

PCO Chair - Communications Scoop Coordinator

Meet Linda Jefferies from British Columbia. She is Pickleball Canada Organization’s (PCO) Communications Chair. Linda is responsible for the creation of The Scoop quarterly newsletter with input from the pickleball community and coordinating and writing articles for the monthly Canadian submission to the PB-USA Magazine. She is involved with various PCO initiates from a communications standpoint.

Playing pickleball for the last five years Linda’s favourite moment with the game was seeing pickleball get off the ground on the tiny 300 person island community of Protection Island where she lives with her husband, Gary.  Together they have 3 children and 6 amazing grandchildren.  She is enjoying retirement from a career as a commercial insurance broker in the oil and gas sector in Alberta. Linda was born in Montreal, PQ and over the years has hiked five Caminos with the longest being 800 kms.

Linda is passionate, easy going and sings a lot, mostly off-key! She has a motto to never pass up on an opportunity; that being said, she has a multitude of hobbies and interests from adventure travelling, painting, gardening, writing, scuba diving, skiing, biking and ocean swimming to name a few. Reflecting on this past year she has realized how much she values both the strength and importance of family and community.

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