Hirsch Greenberg

Regional Director Prairies

Meet Hirsch from Regina, Saskatchewan. Hirsch was appointed to the role of Regional Director, Prairies for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta in June 2023. He is excited to take on this role, seeing it as an opportunity to contribute to Pickleball in Canada, advancing a national voice and growing the sport.

Hirsch and his wife Joan have two adult children, a dog and a cat. Hirsch’s family has been playing Pickleball since 2020 – neither the dog or cat play. As a player and Level 2 referee, Hirsch has come to see the game from a player’s and referee’s point of view, and being a Regional Director will give him another perspective.

Hirsch has learned from his experience with NGO volunteer boards, feeling that the successful ones have a clear vision and a path to it.  He hopes he can contribute to this in some way. In his professional and volunteer roles, he’s held various positions in human service organizations: NGOs, government and university in areas of justice, social services, education, unions and health organizations in roles as a line-staff, executive director, volunteer board member, and consultant. Ultimately, he believes that diversity of opinion is healthy and must be valued and respected, but that our pickleball community is enriched by speaking with one voice.

How to contact Hirsch: