Debra Downing

Director at Large

Meet Debra Downing from New Brunswick. Debra was appointed to the board in November 2022 with an interest in helping guide the development of the sport at all levels.

Debra recently retired and was introduced to pickleball in the spring of 2022 in Florida, where she plans to spend her winters. She plays pickleball often and particularly likes its inclusiveness and that it creates space for everyone, including social, recreational, and competitive levels.

Debra has extensive senior executive experience in the public and private sectors. She has expert-level knowledge and extensive experience in the areas of project management, information management, and information technology. In her various roles in the public sector, Oil and Gas, IT industries, and not-for-profit sector, she has a reputation for driving operational growth, developing organizational strategic direction, delivering efficient cost-effective solutions, and cultivating strong stakeholder relationships. Debra enjoys working closely with stakeholders and being part of a team that focuses on delivering results.

Debra hopes to bring her experience and passion for the sport to her new role and looks forward to helping shape the future and growth of pickleball in Canada. Debra feels it is important to maintain pickleball’s most favorable asset, inclusiveness, while encouraging its development and growth.

Originally from Newfoundland and now living in New Brunswick with her husband, Debra loves the outdoors. She spends her time golfing, hiking, biking, and playing pickleball. Wherever her travels take her, you will find her seeking out opportunities to play pickleball.

How to Contact Debra: