Strategic Plan

Pickleball Canada recognizes that:
  • Canadians have the fundamental skills, knowledge and attitude to participate in the sport of pickleball for fun, health and social relaxation
  • Canadians have the opportunity to systematically improve and measure their performance against others in competition  in a safe and ethical manor
  • Canadians are systematically achieving world-class  results at the highest levels of international competition through fair and ethical means
  • Sport is used as a tool for social and economic development and the promotion of positive values at home and abroad.
We continue to follow our Mission and Vision developed in 2016 

Vision: Pickleball Canada is nationally recognized for supporting our provinces and territories in developing, promoting and growing pickleball as an inclusive sport throughout Canada.

Mission: The mission of the Pickleball Canada Organization is to assist and promote the growth of Pickleball as a game for all ages and to establish rules, policies and standards for the good governance of the game in Canada.

Pickleball Canada has set its primary goals as follows: 

Goal 1: Define the roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities of the national, provincial and local governing bodies in Canada. Roles, responsibilities and reporting relationships at each level must be clearly defined

Goal 2: Establish and maintain Pickleball Canada as the single national governing body for all aspects of the sport of pickleball in Canada. This shall include all disciplines of the sport and events for genders, all age groups and levels of play, including disciplines and events for athletes with a disability.

Goal 3: Secure long-term annual funding for pickleball in Canada by meeting Sport Canada’s Eligibility Criteria under section A1.2.3 For Sports or a Sport Discipline NOT Currently on the Olympic and/or Paralympic Program

In 2017, Pickleball Canada started the process of developing a three year strategic plan(2018-2020) setting out a path towards recognition as a National Sport Organization (NSO)

For a complete copy of the Pickleball Canada Strategic Plan, please click HERE

En raison de la complexité du contenu graphique du nouveau plan stratégique, la version française du plan n'est pas disponible à ce moment, mais sera disponible sous peu. Nous vous remercions de votre patience