Sanctioning/Approved Tiers / Pay Fee

Tier I – National Tournament  – Reserved for Pickleball Canada National Tournaments

Tier II – Provincial Tournaments - Reserved for Large Provincial Events.   Tier 2 tournaments must have a minimum of 100 entries  and at least 8 entries per event

Tier III – Average Tournaments – In deciding whether a tournament qualifies as a Tier III, Pickleball Canada looks at both the number of entries and the number of entries per event.   The requirements for a Tier III are as follows:

  • If under 100 entries, there must be an average of at least 7 entries per event
  • If 100 or over entries, there must be an average of at least 6 entries per event

  • If 200 or over entries, the must be an average of at least 5 entries per event.

Tier IV – Very Small or New Tournaments – The tournament must have at least 40 entries.  Most new tournaments will be given a Tier IV rating until the number of entries and number of entries per event can be establish upon the completion of the tournament

Pickleball Canada Sanctioning/Supported Fees


Tier I - $200

Tier II - $100

Tier III - $75

Tier IV - $50


All tournament-sanctioning/supported fees must be submitted prior to the start of the tournament. 

$$$$ Pay the Sanctioning/Supported Fee HERE.