As of  April 22, 2019

What is a Rating?

A player’s rating is an assessment of the player’s place on a continuum of pickleball skills from beginner to accomplished. The scale is a number between 1 and 5 in 0.5 increments, with a 1.0 rating being a beginner and 5.0 being an expert. Pickleball Canada has implemented the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) rating system


Why Rate a Player? 

Rating a player serves two purposes.
  • it assists players and clubs in determining where the player is on the skill continuum and the skills s/he needs to work on to continue their pickleball progress.
  • it helps players find other players of similar ability to compete against fairly in club or tournament play.

Types of Ratings: 

There are three types of ratings: [Note: for tournament play there could be three separate ratings for each person. Singles, Mixed Doubles and Doubles]

Self Rating
Club Rating
Tournament Rating 

Self Rating

Any unrated player may Self Rate. A Self Rating has an “S” designation on the Pickleball Canada/USAPA/IFP Ratings Websites as applicable. Use the Pickleball Canada Skill Level Guidelines.

For reference, other variations of these rating scales are: 


Where and How to Store a Self-Rating?
Once a player has made a self-rating they can store the rating on his or her player profile on the Pickleball Canada website:

Log onto Pickleball Canada member log in. (You will need to know your username and password – you should have received these when you joined Pickleball Canada or use a Reset Your Password feature if you have forgotten it. 
  1.  Look for My Membership Information - Member Information 
  2.  Change Contact/Profile Info  Near the bottom of screen “Ratings [Self] – enter the appropriate rating level. 
  3.  Click on the ‘Submit’ button - (if you don’t do this the entry will not be saved) 

Self ratings are available on the Member Lookup screen to locate players in your proximity. 


Club Rating 

Clubs often experience an increasing skill differential with new players joining and experienced players improving. This presents a challenge for clubs in providing opportunities for players of similar skills to play against each other. It also can be a challenge to affirm the skill level that a player has indicated through self-assessment.

A Club Rating has a “C” designation. Any pickleball club may assign Club Ratings to their members. There are two methods of producing Club Ratings:

1. Expert Assessment 
2. Performance Based

Club Rating – Expert 

Bring in a ‘rater’ from outside the club, or develop and use a Club ratings Committee, to assess players’ skill levels or use a skilled player from your club. Use the Pickleball Canada Club Rating Assessment Guide.

The International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association also offers such services.

Club Rating – Performance-Based 

This rating would be determined by your performance in club play based on the matches you win with your partner. It requires your club, in certain play sessions, to keep track of whom you played with and against and which team won. The results are submitted from time to time to a rating service; calculations are done and a rating produced. This is a similar approach and is done for performance-based tournament ratings

Pickleball Canada has an arrangement with pickleballratings.com to perform this service using their "Clique & Club" ratings tool.  

A club affiliated with Pickleball Canada through their provincial association is eligible to receive the following offer:

Free trial period until June 30,  2019, then a choice of three options: 
1. Free:  One batch of match result data per 6 month period. For example, you might include two or three months worth of match results data in the batch,and then use the resulting ratings to organize your group's structured play. Keep track of all match results, then upload again when the next annual cycle begins and watch all the ratings change.
2. Paid Level 1 (LIMITED):  Submit two to ten batches of head-to-head match result data within an 18-month period.
a  < 100 players - $100
b. 100 to 299 players - $150
c. 300+ players - $250
3. Paid Level 2:  Submit an UNLIMITED number of batches of head-to-head
match result data throughout an 18-month period.

a. <100 players - $150
b. 100 to 299 players - $250
c. 300+ players - $350

Only PCO  clubs and their members will receive: 
  • Extended trial period (until June 30, 2019), instead of 7 days 
  • Costs are for an 18-month period (rather than 12), for clubs enrolled by 7/1/19 

PCO in conjunction with pickleballratings.com has developed a "roll out" program, for interested clubs. Click on the video to learn more: 
    Go to pickleballratings.com to access their Pickleball Canada offering.                                                             .

    For a case study on the Vernon Pickleball Association use of the Clique and Club product from pickleballratings.com please          click HERE. [English only]


Where to Store Club Ratings?

Our goal is to have clubs manage and store their own club ratings. [Note: As Pickleball Canada moves to a Three-Tier Member Management System [club-province-PC], it is anticipated that those clubs in a participating province would have access to their players’ membership profile and the club rating could be stored there]


Tournament Rating 

Tournament ratings (“T” designation) are acquired by participating in tournaments that use tournament management software, which calculates a rating based on results and the caliber of opponents.  Not all tournaments use such software.  The predominant tournament software is currently pickleballtournaments.com.

Once you have participated in several tournaments that use this software your performance-based rating will be calculated and available to you on your pickleballtournaments.com player profile. It will be a four-digit figure such as 3.628.  The 4-digit rating is calculated on a weekly basis, if there are results, and will be visible only to the player/member. 

The 2-digit rating is calculated quarterly and is available to Tournament Directors and on Player Searches.

Role of Pickleball Canada and Tournament Ratings

Pickleball Canada was considering contracting with pickleballtournaments.com  to calculate and download tournament ratings to the player’s profile on the Pickleball Canada website. Pickleball Canada has not committed to this approach at this time.

A PCO Ratings Committee has been struck by the Board to evaluate all alternatives to ensure the most effective, comprehensive and  flexible approach is made available now and into the future.

Until that decision is made and implemented, players and Tournament Directors should use the ratings available on the pickleballtournaments.com site or USAPA site for tournament ratings purposes as applicable; or a Club rating or a Self Rating 

Should you have any questions regarding ratings, please contact the Ratings Chairperson at ratings@pickleballcanada.org