Provincial/Territorial Sport Organization (PT/SO)

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Each of the ten Provincial and three Territorial Governments play an important role in the development of the Canadian sport system. The funding program levels and areas of jurisdiction differ from province to province and from territory to territory, but in general, funding support at this level includes:

  • Support to Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations.
  • Support to provincial-level Multi-Sport Service Organizations.
  • Support to athletes through a provincial carding system.
  • Support for facilities through community grants and infrastructure programs.
  • Provincial and regional multi-sport Games in some provinces and territories.
  • Provincial teams attending national age-group and senior championships.
  • Provincial teams attending Western Canada Games and Canada Summer and Winter Games.

The provincial and territorial Ministries and Departments responsible for sport meet with the federal government on a regular basis. In 2002, the Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers for Sport adopted The London Declaration to serve as the foundation for developing a comprehensive strategy to foster, promote and ensure a fair and ethical sport environment. The Declaration describes the desired state of sport in Canada by 2012 resulting from the implementation of initiatives over a 10-year period.

Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations (PT/SO) are autonomous, not-for-profit societies responsible for the regulation of all areas and levels of their sports participation within the province and for the governance of the province-wide development of the sport. A P/TSO is the provincial voice on behalf of its members: clubs, affiliated recreation and education members, athletes in some cases, provincial team athletes.

This organization is usually the link between clubs (or other local sport organizations) and the National Sport Organization (NSO) and ensures the safe development of the sport within the province. The PSO will have a listing of all clubs or associations in the province in their sport.

Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations (PT/SO) provide support, direction and leadership to member organizations, such as Basketball Ontario and Field Hockey BC. Their goal is to promote sport and its benefits, encouraging the public to get involved in organized sport.

Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations receive their funding through corporate sponsors, funding partners (including governments of all levels), and grants. There are financial assistance programs available to athletes, which are listed on each of the PT/SO's websites.

Member organizations are called Provincial/Territorial Sport Governing Bodies (P/TSGB). P/TSGBs are responsible for developing, promoting and regulating the playing and officiating of their sport.

Here is a list of Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations websites.

Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations Websites

Province/Territory Provincial/Territorial Sport Organization (PT/SO)

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