Policy Statement


Pickleball Canada has written policy describing how the Board of Pickleball Canada develops and approve policies pertaining to Pickleball Canada
Policies provide direction to the organization that assist in achieving its objectives as described in its bylaws and strategic plan.  A standardized process for policy development:
  • Allows for prioritization of policy development by the Board;
  • Provides an avenue for others to bring issues to the Board requiring policy development;
  • Demonstrates to Pickleball Canada members and others how policy is developed and who is responsible for policy decisions within Pickleball Canada. 
This policy applies to all policies developed and approved by the Board of Pickleball Canada.
        5.1 Initiating Policy
  • Anyone who is aware of a current or future need for policy for Pickleball Canada may make a request either in writing or verbally to the President or any other Board member to review the need for the policy. Click HERE for a list of contacts. 
  • The Board of Pickleball Canada considers all requests for policy and is responsible for determining what policies will be developed and when they are to be developed.
        5.2 Developing Policy
  • Policy is developed on behalf of the Board based on the best information available
  • Wherever possible, Draft Policy is available for review and feedback by the members of Pickleball Canada affected by the policy. 
        5.3 Approving Policy
  • The Board of Pickleball Canada is solely responsible for approving all polices relating to Pickleball Canada.
  • Wherever possible, policies are approved at a scheduled meeting of Pickleball Canada.
  • Where it is not possible to wait for the next scheduled meeting to approve a policy, individual members of the Board may be polled by electronic communication.
  • Board members are given adequate time to review proposed policies, contingent upon the complexity of the policy issue, and any relevant deadlines. 
  • The President of Pickleball Canada is the final decision maker regarding the time required to review and approve policies and the number of Board members required to approve policies. 
        5.4 Communicating Policy
  • The Board of Pickleball Canada is responsible for communicating any new policy to those who are responsible for implementing the policy or affected by the policy.
        5.5  Implementing Policy    
  • While the Board of Pickleball Canada has ultimate responsibility for implementing policy, the Board may delegate some or all responsibility of policy to any individual or group of individuals.
        5.6  Review and Evaluation of Policy
  • Policy is reviewed by the Board on an annual basis and revised as required.
  • The Board may direct an evaluation of a policy at any time to determine whether a policy has been implemented and/or whether a policy is meeting its intended purpose and results. 
    The Board of Pickleball Canada is responsible for implementing this policy.
  • The Board follows a consistent process for developing and approving policy.
  • Members of Pickleball Canada are aware of how policy is developed. 
  • Policy is communicated to those who are those who are impacted by the policy.