Tournament Overview

PC Tournaments are:

Canadian National Championships

This is a tournament for residents of Canada  – to crown CANADIAN Champions!  The site is determined through a bid process. The location alternates west (Manitoba and provinces and territories to the west)  on odd numbered years and east (Ontario and provinces to the East) on even numbered years.

  • 2022 – Kingston

Canadian Open Championship

As the name implies competitors are drawn from around the world. The site is determined through a bid process. The location alternates opposite to the Canadian National Championships.

  • 2022 – no bid

Three Regional Championships

  • Atlantic Canada – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.
    • 2022 – New Brunswick
    • 2023 – Nova Scotia
  • Central Canada – Ontario, Quebec and Nunavut.
    • 2022 – Quebec
    • 2023 – Ontario
  • Western Canada¬†– Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
    • 2022 – Regina, Saskatchewan
    • 2023 – Spruce Grove, Alberta
    • 2024 – B.C.
    • 2025 – Manitoba

The region decides if the tournament is restricted to residents of the region or open to any competitor regardless of where they live. The tournaments rotate through the provinces and territories within the region with the host province/territory determining the site.