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Pickleball Canada will now publish a quarterly magazine for which you can submit articles of general interest.
You can submit your article for approval to: news@pickleballcanada.org. You will have to submit your article with photos while respecting the deadlines below.

ARTICLE SUBMISSION 15-Feb 15-May 15-Aug 15-Nov
EDITS FEB 15-MAR 4 MAY 15-JUNE 4 Aug 15-24 NOV 15-DEC 4
APPROVAL 08-Mar 08-Jun 28-Aug 08-Dec
SUBMIT FOR FRENCH 10-Mar 11-Jun 31-Aug 10-Dec
FRENCH APPROVAL 25-Mar 26-Jun 23-Sep 23-Dec
FINAL LINKS APPROVAL 28-Mar 29-Jun 26-Sep 28-Dec
PUBLISHED 01-Apr 01-Jul 01-Oct 02-Jan

Note that the publications presented by Pickleball Canada have been available in French and in English since January 2018.
Publications before January 2018 are only available in English. We thank you for your understanding. We strive to have all our communications in both languages.