Pickleball Canada Regional Tournaments



There is one Pickleball Canada Regional Tournament per year in each of the three Pickleball Canada geographic regions:
  •         Western Region: Yukon, B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, NWT
  •         Eastern Region:  Ontario, Quebec, Nunavut
  •         Atlantic Region: New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, NFLD & Labrador

Closed Tournaments

Only residents of a province in the region, as verified by their provincial identification, may participate in their regional tournament.  Additionally, they must be members of their provincial pickleball association (if one exists) and Pickleball Canada.


Selection of Regional Tournament Sites

Only a province affiliated with Pickleball Canada may host a Regional Tournament.  Representatives from each affiliated province in the region determine if the host site will be chosen by open bid from within the region or on a rotational basis province by province.  A host site should have at least twelve courts available.


Tournament Expectations

Regional Tournaments are sanctioned by Pickleball Canada and must meet the expectations and guidelines. 
  • Play can be either indoors or outdoors.
  • Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles will be offered
  • Age/Skill Groups will be offered: 
    • Skill groups: 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, Open (4.5+)
    • Age
      • Singles: 12+, 35+, 50+, 65+
      • Doubles: 19+, 35+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+, 80+
    • Events may be combined at the tournament director’s discretion. Age groups will be combined before skill.

Regional Host Provinces

Western: 2020 : Saskatchewan
                2021 : Alberta
                2022 : British Columbia
                2023 : Manitoba
Eastern:  Even Numbered Years - Quebec                     Odd Numbered Years - Ontario
Atlantic:  Even Numbered Years - Nova Scotia               Odd Numbered Years - New Brunswick