Pickleball Canada Regional Tournaments

There is one PICKLEBALL CANADA Regional tournament per year in each of five (5) PICKLEBALL CANADA geographic regions:
  •         West (BC & Yukon),
  •         Prairie(AB,Sask & MB + NWT/Nunavut),
  •         Ontario,
  •         Quebec
  •         Atlantic (NB, PEI, NS, NFLD & L)

The annual PICKLEBALL CANADA National, PICKLEBALL CANADA Open tournament and PICKLEBALL CANADA Regionals events are the only pickleball tournaments directly managed by PICKLEBALL CANADA.Following are the guidelines for PICKLEBALL CANADA Regional tournaments:
  • PICKLEBALL CANADA Regional Directors for the applicable provinces in consultation with the Tournament Chairman may designate one tournament per year as the PICKLEBALL CANADA Regional Tournament for their region
  • PICKLEBALL CANADA Regional Tournaments are open to all players and all ages
  • PICKLEBALL CANADA membership is required to play in a PICKLEBALL CANADA regional tournament.
  • Tier levels assigned to PICKLEBALL CANADA regional tournaments will be consistent with the guidelines for Assigning Tournament Tier Levels.
  • A Province/Territory or region may have more than one tier 2 tournament in the same year depending on the tournament format and meeting the tier level requirements for a tier 2 tournament. An example would be a Province or regional tournament and a senior tournament; both qualifying as tier 2 tournaments.
  • The standard double-elimination tournament format should be used. Games should be 2 of 3 to 11 win by 2 points for all first round matches. Lower bracket matches may also be 2 of 3 games to 11 win by 2 points or 1 to 15 win by 2 points. At the discretion of the tournament director some or all matches may also be one game to 15 points or one game to 21 points, win by 2 points. In the event of Round Robin format games to 15 win by 1 point, games to 21 win by 1 point or 3 games to 11 win by 1.
  • These requirements are an effort to standardize tournament operating procedures and PICKLEBALL CANADA tournament reporting requirements

If you would like to host a Sanctioned Picklebal Canada Regional Tournament, please contact Chuck MacDonald, Director of Tournaments, at: tournaments@pickleballcanada.org