Pickleball Canada Insurance Program 2020


We are pleased to present the Pickleball Canada Organization (PCO) Insurance Program for 2020 which is INCLUDED IN YOUR MEMBERSHIP FEE. This program provides members with access to two comprehensive group insurance programs:
  1.  COMMERCIAL GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE ($5,000,000 limit) which includes DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS INSURANCE (Wrongful Acts) ($2,000,000 limit)

  2.  SPORT ACCIDENT INSURANCE (provides medical reimbursement coverage up to specified amounts for injury)

This program offers broad coverage while retaining the group volume premium savings that have allowed pickleball members and organizations to potentially save hundreds of dollars a year!

Coverage is provided through Markle and is facilitated by Toole Peet Insurance.

Enhancements in 2020

  • D&O/Wrongful Acts coverage increased to $2 million from $ 1 million.
  • Drop-in play added to Authorized Activities.  Essentially, insurance coverage follows the player who is a PCO member playing in Canada.
  • Instruction/coaching added to Authorized Activities for PCO members providing these services.
  • Discussions are underway to review need/cost for Cyber Security coverage and for Abuse/Molestation coverage.  

Why Should You and Your Pickleball Organization Be Insured?

  • As society becomes more litigious, individuals and organizations need to protect their personal and organizational assets as these are exposed to liability claims. Legal costs associated with defending an allegation could bankrupt an uninsured, or under- insured, individual or organization, even when the allegations are unfounded.
  • The costs associated with injuries that may occur on the pickleball court can amount to thousands of dollars. An individual or organization may not have the funds available to cover the costs from a bodily injury claim and defense costs or have the personal time required to defend a claim.
  • The municipality or private owner of a facility where your organization plays may require proof of insurance before you are allowed to use their property or facilities.

Where is there More Information?Coverage


What is the “Fine Print”?

What and Where are the Various Forms?

Liability Waivers


Accident Claim Form


Privacy waiver

Certificate of Insurance Request form 


**The foregoing is a brief outline of coverage provided by the policies and is not intended to change, modify, or alter any policy terms, provisions, conditions, and exclusions. **