Officiating Program Responsibilities

The Officiating Program consists of the following:

Support Material [PCO members only]



There are 3 levels of authority for the program - national, provincial/territorial and club. Each has a role to play in the program’s development and operational needs. [For Provincial/Territorial Officiating contacts, click HERE]


Pickleball Canada maintains jurisdiction over the development of the overall officiating program including the provision of website services for much of the required information dissemination. Basic training and testing procedures and applications are also developed and maintained at the national level. Pickleball Canada will maintain a central registry of individuals granted official referee status.

 Competition Chief

  • Authority granted by Pickleball Canada Organization (PCO) board
  • Responsible for all aspects
  • Presents for approval main program concepts
  • Ensures central registry is maintained.

National Leader of Officiating (NLO)

  • Works under the auspices of the PCO Competitions Chief
  • Has broad responsibly with respect to referee development programs
  • Has broad responsibly with respect to tournament officiating
  • May liaise with other organizations with respect to any or all officiating matters

National Officiating Advisory Council (NOAC)

The Council will be comprised of one representative appointed by each affiliated Province/Territory. 
NOAC members will:

  • Work with the National Leader of Officiating on program reviews and development issues. 
  • Keep their PTSO informed and involved in the officiating program
  • Consult with the NLO on all officiating development matters
  • Communicate to the NLO significant advances within their PTSO with respect to officiating
  • Encourage the use of certified officials in all tournament matches
  • Be the official communications conduit to and from the NLO

Provincial/Territorial (PTSO)

The PTSOs have sole responsibility for all aspects of the delivery of the PCO Officiating Program as it pertains to recruiting, training, maintenance of qualifications and assignment of duties. Awarding of and maintenance of Level 3 Official status to be in consultation with the NLO.
Each PTSO, on their own or in conjunction with other Provinces/Territories, should assign a 'head referee' or 'chief official' to manage the officiating program in their jurisdictional area.

Provincial/Territorial Leader of Officiating (PTLO)

  • Oversee the delivery of the officiating program within their PTSO, 
  • Encourage the development of the officiating program in all areas of their Province/Territory
  • Final authority for vetting individual(s) before any officiating status is granted
  • Encourage Clubs to take an active role in the development of the officiating program 
  • Responsible for:
    • Training coordination
    • Reporting certification results to PCO
    • Granting authority to clubs or individuals (Officiating Trainers) to deliver the program, including all vetting requirements and reporting procedures
  • Serve on the National Officiating Advisory Council

Officiating Trainers and Mentors

     Provinces should fill the following roles:

          Level 2 Trainer

  • Experienced Level 2 Official or Level 3 Official
  • Competent computer user
  • Score > 95% on Rules and Best Practices tests
    • Proven communicator
    • Will follow participants thru to successful Level 1 or Level 2 achievement
    • Can train and mentor Level 2 Mentors
    • Will record and report on participants progress

Mentor for Level 2

  • Experienced Level 2 Official
  • Score > 90% on Rules and Best Practices tests
  • Willing to work with aspiring Level 1 & 2 participants
  • May be required to assist in training program delivery including reporting aspects 

Level 3 Trainer

  • All of Level 2 Trainer characteristics, qualifications and duties
  • Must be Level 3 Official
  • Be Level 3 Mentor


Provincial/Territorial Contacts

 British Columbia
 Al Thomson
 Garand Jones
 Karen Rust
 Jim Michaluk
 Karen Hill
 Isabelle Gauthier
 New Brunswick
 Alden Brigg
 Nova Scotia
 Angela Weld
 Prince Edward Island
 Brian Strongman
 Newfoundland & Labrador
 Leonard Lye
 Northwest Territories
 Jim Gilpin
 Walter Knecht
 Pickleball Canada
 Walter Knecht


Club Level

It is at the Club level that most of the delivery of the officiating program will take place. This can be aided by:
  • Designating court time or play opportunities where game officiating is practiced
  • Encouraging the use of recognized officials for all tournament play

Club Leader of Officiating (CLO)

  • Responsible for referee development
  • Deliver the program as authorized by the Province/Territory
  • Report results to the Province/Territory
  • Communicate with their Provincial/Territorial association to maintain currency with program developments and requirements

In areas where no formal or affiliated Club exists, the Province/Territory may assign an individual the same authority as a
Club for the delivery and maintenance of the officiating program.

Click on this link for more information on Pickleball Canada Officiating Structure