The Four Levels of Officiating:

Level 1 – Scorekeeper
Level 2 – Associate Referee
Level 3 – Certified Referee
Level 4 – Nationally Certified Referee

Become an Official

  • If you believe you already qualify for Level 1- Scorekeeper certification, search for your profile on the MEMBER LOOKUP page. [Use the Member Lookup to check if you are included in the registry at Level 2 or Level 3 as selected individuals have been grandfathered] If you are not yet certified for but believe you have sufficient officiating experience, complete a request to be added to the National Registry by clicking HERE.

Find an Official

  • Officials on the National Registry may be searched by Level using the MEMBER LOOKUP function. Click HERE
  • A list of officials is available to PCO members by contact the Officiating Chairperson at  Reports will be produced and made available to the requestor's profile on the Reports Permissions tab under " My Membership Information"

Level 1 Scorekeeper

The Level 1 Scorekeeper experience focuses on the mechanics of score keeping and tracking the correct positioning of the players.
This builds confidence in the official’s ability to ‘keep up with the game’. Interested individuals wishing to be a PCO certified Level One Scorekeeper should attend a Certified course. If you would like to set up a course, see below.

If you are a beginning official, we recommend:

  • Download and familiarize yourself with the IFP Tournament Rule Book

  • Find a scorekeeper clinic in your area to attend or encourage your club to host a training session.  [See below instructions on setting up a Level 1 training course].



Delivery of this program occurs at the local level with an instructor approved by PCO. The instructor should:                                  

  • Be an experienced pickleball player with a valid PCO number

  • Have a demonstrable knowledge of the IFP rules

If you would like to set up a training session for Level one, please:

  • Please fill out this short form [HERE] when first requesting to set up a course. [This is done only once for level 1. It is not needed for every course]

  • Once verified, PCO will direct you to a resource center for Level One materials that will include:

    • A two-page overview of suggestions on how to run a Scorekeeper training session

    • English or French power point presentation

    • Quick start scorekeeper training video

    • PCO score sheets

  • When the course has been completed  the instructor will inform PCO of the participants who have successfully completed both the classroom and practical sessions by providing the following: [via email with an attached list to:]

    • PCO number of the candidate

    • Name

    • Instructors name

    • Date of successful session completion of course

    • Location of course

  • The successful candidates will be added to the PCO officiating national registry and their profile will be updated by PCO

  • There is no requirement to re-certify in the future for Level 1, Scorekeeper

  • A report of officials may be requested at any time by emailing  to [reports will then be made available to run any time on your PCO profile page under REPORT PERMISSIONS].

  • Each successful candidate will receive a “Pickleball Canada Scorekeeper” magnetic badge to wear while officiating.

Send PCO comments and/or suggestions about the course instruction or how to improve the experience to

Note: for Levels 2 - 4 a process to Grandfather selected individuals is being determined


Level 2 Associate Referee

The Level 2 – Associate Referee delves deeper into the rules of pickleball.  This level has higher expectations around knowledge of the rules and the competence of the official.  An official at this stage would be expected to referee games at local tournaments below medal level. The following is a list of requirements for Associate Referee certification:

  • Complete the online referee test (expected Summer 2019) with a grade of 80 % or better, and

  • Provide evidence of officiating a minimum of 10 matches as a Level One Score Keeper

  • Attend approved PCO training or equivalent

  • Referee 10 matches at least 2 of which are in a PCO sanctioned tournament [5 with a mentor and 5 without a mentor]

Pickleball Canada has developed the training resources and is in discussion with USA Pickleball regarding access to additional support material. It is expected that this program will be available by Summer 2019.
Delivery of this program occurs at the provincial level with an instructor approved by the province. The instructors for this program may be Associate Referees or Certified Referees. 


Level 3 Certified Referee

The Level 3 –Certified Referee provides an opportunity for an experienced official to be able to referee at all levels of competition including regional and national tournaments and medal games. 
The delivery of this program will be conducted by Pickleball Canada.  It is not resource-based but provides mentoring by a certified Level 4 Referee to refine officiating technique. We are actively working to create this course. Please continue to read the Bulletin (issued every two months) or the magazine (published every quarter) for updated information. 

Certification at this level will begin after the Level 2 program is implemented.


Level 4 – National Referee

The Level 4 – National Referee is a very experienced referee who has obtained this status through demonstrating competence in officiating at the highest level of play. Selection for this level will be conducted by the Pickleball Canada Officiating Team and candidates will be chosen from those Certified Canadian Referees who demonstrate a high degree of competence and experience through frequently exercising their ability at Tier 1 and 2 tournaments. Emphasis will be placed on current referee experience. In addition to their officiating duties these referees act as mentors, evaluators and trainers for Level 3 officials.


This program is currently in development. Please continue to read PC Scoop and PC Matters magazine for further information