Introduction of new IFP President - Pat Murphy

Pickleball Canada, 
To all it’s members and enthusiastic pickleball players.  As your newly elected IFP President I would like to reach out to everyone and thank you for your support.  We are undertaking a new and positive direction that will encourage all member countries to become active in the development and growth of the sport of pickleball. In doing so, I am reaching out to each and every one of you to help with this undertaking which will involve everyone working towards a common goal to grow the sport of pickleball the world over.  One of the most important changes and opportunities is the development of committees to help give direction and input into all areas of pickleball, from rules to training to how we govern the IFP.  Simply said, we are welcoming and need many of you to help and have a seat at the table. Within the next several months I will be formulating committees and sending this information to all member countries seeking volunteers to be on these committees.
At this year’s Bainbridge Cup and German Open Pickleball Tournament we will have our first International Pickleball Conference and General Meeting for all IFP member associations.  If you are attending this will be a great time for an open forum to discuss pickleball. If you cannot attend, we welcome your emails. Below you will find an announcement with more information.  If it is possible, please send or forward all these announcements to all your members so we can spread the word about the many opportunities for pickleball players throughout the world to be an important part in developing and growing the sport of pickleball.  In reviewing our member countries web page/sites I have noticed that many of you are developing and promoting pickleball in many great ways. If we are to grow pickleball worldwide we need the be able to share this information.  I am proud to say the USAPA will be the leader in sharing and providing information and many programs that they have developed over the years. This information will now be made available to our member countries and we will also be looking for all member countries to share information and programs that have been successful in their countries. The IFP will be the gathering point for developing and offering many of these new programs, handbooks, training and instruction materials and other benefits that will help all member countries.  Many new programs will be forthcoming so join in and be part of the many new and exciting opportunities.
Cheers and I look forward to meeting and seeing many of you on the courts, Pat

The International Federation of Pickleball (IFP), the world governing body of pickleball has elected Pat Murphy as the new President. Pat brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his new position having been involved in many areas of pickleball dating back to 2009.
Many of you may know Pat from his pickleball travels, years of playing tournaments and most recently the USAPA Pickleball Universities. Pat is currently the Training Chair and Board Member of the USAPA and has been involved on the international pickleball scene since attending the Spanish Open and Bainbridge Cup tournament in 2017.  In 2018 he was Tournament Director of the Bainbridge Cup which was held in Italy and hosted by IFP member country the Italian Pickleball Association. Pat resides in Goodyear, Arizona year-round and is lucky to live in PebbleCreek which has one of the largest pickleball clubs with over 1500 members and which he calls his pickleball home.
“I know Pat will bring an incredible work ethic and a special skill set to the IFP.  We are fortunate to have him as our new president given his vast experience and ability to bring a new direction and vision. His leadership skills and personal relationship with IFP member associations worldwide will enable him to effectively drive pickleball’s growth going forward”, said Mike Hess, past IFP President.
“I am excited to have this new opportunity to shape a new direction and vision for the IFP,” stated Pat Murphy. He added: “We will be very active in developing and supporting new pickleball association members in countries throughout the world, thereby expanding upon our current 16 member countries which are all are displayed with their Country name and Logo below. One of my main priorities is to ensure all member country associations are actively involved in key decisions of the governing body, including rules, equipment standards, training programs, competition, grassroots initiatives, and other key areas to maximize pickleball’s development and visibility worldwide. The USAPA has been very supportive and will be very helpful in shaping this new direction and I want to thank them for their past support and look forward to their continued future support of the IFP”, said Pat.
The IFP will be holding its first International Pickleball Conference and General Meeting for all IFP member associations attending this year’s 3rd annual Bainbridge Cup, which will be hosted by the German Pickleball Federation together with the German Open Pickleball Tournament in Essen, Germany from July 10th to the 14th of 2019.
The IFP was established to perpetuate the development and growth of the sport throughout the world. Its goal is to introduce pickleball to all nations so that they may embrace the sport as one of their national sports, and ultimately to achieve official recognition by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The IFP is a non-profit, volunteer organization committed to promoting international play and competition, maintaining the official rules for pickleball, paddles and ball manufacturing standards worldwide.
In closing I welcome anyone who is interested in supporting the Sport of Pickleball at the Global level to please feel free to reach out to me at  Cheers and looking forward to seeing you on the courts, Pat.