2019 / 2020 National Pickleball Championships Bid Book

The Bid Book is to assist Provincial Sport Organizations, Territorial Sports Organizations (PSO/TSO), Host Cities and Local Pickleball Organizing Committees interested in bidding to become the Host Committee (HOST) of a Pickleball Canada National Event (PICKLEBALL CANADA Event) and outlines:
                    a) PICKLEBALL CANADA Event bid process and conditions;
                    b) The approved framework for organizing a PICKLEBALL CANADA Event; and
                    c) the rights and obligations of a HOST.
1.2.   PICKLEBALL CANADA Events include any PICKLEBALL CANADA sanctioned event,
including but not limited to:
                    a)  Canadian Regional Pickleball Championships;
                    b) Canadian National Pickleball Championships;
                    c) Canadian Senior Championship;
                    d) Canada Open Pickleball Championship; and
                    e) International Super Senior  . . . . . 

To review the BID BOOK, please click HERE.

For those expressing an interest in submitting an application to host the 2019 and the 2020 NATIONAL PICKLEBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS, please contact Chuck MacDonald, Director of Tournaments for a MS Word form: at pickleballcanadatournaments@gmail.com