The Pickleball Canada National  Tournament hosted by Pickleball Kelowna will be skill based and be played outdoors on 28 courts.  This is a Pickleball Canada sanctioned tournament that will use IFP rules.  Last year, 430 players participated in this very successful tournament. 

The tournament will be held at the Parkinson Recreation Center, 1800 Parkinson Way, Kelowna, B.C., V1Y 4P9 and will run for three full action packed days. 

The Registration opened at 9:00 AM on March 3. Registration and Tournament Operations Manager, Mike Schwarz reported that: 

** NOTE - March 8, 8:00 PM: All registrations are processed - there are currently 535 players registered for the tournament - approximately 100 of those are on a wait list.   Although this process has been extremely overwhelming, it's cool to see so many players wanting to participate.  The 3.0 and 4.5 skill level events really increased from the past couple of years.  I thank everyone for their patience during this process as I'm sure it has been stressful for everyone.  (I've been in tournaments where I'm not sure if I'm in or out and wonder if I should make my travel I'm trying to offset some of the stress with these notes to let you know where we are.)

  • I've had a chance to move a few teams from the wait lists into the main draw for men's doubles (6), mixed doubles (3) and women's doubles (1) today - those players have been notified with a tournament confirmation.
  • From now on, the only way movement will happen in women's doubles skill groups, men's singles skill groups and women's singles skill groups is if players drop out of those events.  These events were at capacity within minutes of registration opening. 
  • Mixed doubles and men's doubles skill group events are now in a similar situation since today's moves. 
  • I would be surprised if we don't get around 5% of players dropping out for various reasons - injuries, change in travel plans etc. usually occur.  From this point on any movement from wait lists will occur as a result of a spot opening due to those types of reasons.
  • Anyone who is on the wait list and have paid for their registration can request a refund - it won't hurt your chances getting into an'll just have to pay again if you are moved to the main draw.  Email me at:
  • Anyone who is in the main draw of an even and hasn't paid yet, should do so as soon as possible.  This year we have seen a huge increase in players paying within the first couple of days - so that has been nice.
  • We'll be working on our first tournament email in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that. 

For general information about Kelowna area including accommodation CLICK HERE

The Pickleball Canada, 2019, 202 Canadian Pickleball Tournaments Bid Book to host a tournament, will be available April 15, 2018.