National Pickleball Team Canada Selection Process

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Definition of TEAM
It is anticipated that the international Pickleball championships will consist of various category championships, plus a team competition (similar to gymnastics). Thus the National team will support that structure by defining its team as a group of athletes filling out spots allowed by IFP sanctioned International Championships individual competitions.
In the spirit of inclusiveness, there will be 5 distinct teams:
- Open Age (no age restriction)
- 55+
- 70+
- Junior (<19)
- Para (no age restriction) (consisting of Wheelchair, until such time as other categories (eg. Amputee, parapalegic, quadrapalegic) grow in popularity
Special Needs (no age restriction) will be managed as a friendly national competition.
Team Management
Each team will have a group identified as the PCO “Team Name” Team Management Committee, and will have the following responsibilities:
  • facilitate the planning of the respective championship tournament, including seeding
  • liaise with the provinces/territories with respect to their representatives
  • manage and select the developmental roster
  • manage replacements for competitions, due to whatever circumstances, including injury, sickness, lack of funding
  • prepare and submit for approval the annual operating budget for the team
  • manage expenses within the approved budget
The respective Team Management Committee shall include:
  • Team Head Coach (could also be Team Captain)
  • Team Captain (non-playing)
  • Admin support
  • PCO Director of Player Support, or designate
Team Restrictions
The members of the teams shall be named at the conclusion of the National Championship tournament and shall remain on the team until the next National Championship tournament.
Individuals are allowed to compete for only one team they are eligible for, and may only be on one distinct national team per year.
Team members and staff are required to follow and respect all PCO policies and values, including Code of Conduct. Violations will be reviewed via the PCO Dispute Resolution policy, and recommended discipline to be reviewed and approved by the PCO Board.
Each team will have the following categories:
  • Male Singles
  • Female Singles
  • Male Doubles
  • Female Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles
Process to identify team members
For each team and category, there will be an IFP sanctioned International Championships quota (until IFP defines quota, PCO will assume quota is 2 per category), and will be selected as follows:
  • for IFP sanctioned International Championships quota, a national championship tournament will be held and the top winners in each category will fill the quota
  • for doubles, the top winning pairs will remain as pairs to represent Canada.
    • In the future, any doubles pair may be comprised from players from more than one province/territory, at the discretion of the Team Management Committee.
Tournament Naming Convention
The tournament to determine the National Team members shall be called:
  • YYYY Canadian National “Team Name” Team Selection Championship Tournament
    • Eg. 2023 Canadian National 55+ Team Selection Championship Tournament
    • Eg. 2045 Canadian National Open Age Team Selection Championship Tournament
Structure of National Championship Tournament
A National Championship tournament will be held annually, timed at least 3 months in advance of the IFP sanctioned International Championships.
The purpose of the National Championship is to identify, through competition, the National Team members in each category.
The total number of entrants per event category (eg. Womens 55+ Singles) will be set at 24. Each affiliate will receive 1 entrant spot, with the remainder of the entrant spots determined by the proportion of registered participants Canada wide (same calculation as the weighted affiliate voting).
The number of registrants will be as of December 31 of the year prior to the National Championships Tournament (eg. For the 2023 National Championships Tournament, the allocation by province/territory will be based on registrant numbers as of December 31, 2022).
The allocation rules will be reviewed annually by the Team Management Committee, as the registrant numbers grow and change.
The National Championships Tournament shall abide by the following:
  • Each category to consist of 24 entrants. Whenever provinces/territories don’t meet their quota, the Team Management Committee will select “at large” entrants from across the country at its discretion.
  • Provinces/Territories to determine own process for selecting representatives
    • Also responsible to manage no shows, injuries, substitutions
  • The format shall be:
    • Round robin, 4 groups of 6
    • Top 2 in each group advance to playoffs
      • Round robin tie breakers per IFP rule 12.C.3.
    • Playoffs:
      • Double elimination
  • PCO Sanctioned
Criteria for eligibility
- PCO member in good standing and in compliance with Canada Anti-Doping policy.
- Age as of December 31 in the calendar year
- Gender: identify as male or female
- Country Status
            - Citizen of Canada, principal residence in Canada, or
- landed immigrant of Canada, principal residence in Canada
- Provincial/Territorial rep requirement
            - Above, plus possess an active provincial/territorial Health card for province/territory represented
            - Registrant/member in good standing of the provincial/territorial Pickleball organization
- For Juniors (registrants under 19 years of age), per the Pickleball Canada LTPD, participants must be in at least the Train To Compete stage of development
- Playing Status:
            - Professional
            - Amateur
Development Roster
The purpose of the Development Roster is to identify the up and coming athletes who display potential to qualify for the national team. This Roster may be offered financial assistance, coaching and competition opportunities to further develop their skills.
The Team Management Committee will select eligible members from the general Canadian Pickleball population, including the next set of players (IFP sanctioned International Championships quota) beyond the National Team set.
The size of the Development Roster shall be equal in number to the IFP sanctioned International Championships quota for each category.
  • budget
    • Provinces/Territories pay for travel for provincial/territorial entrants into national championships
    • PCO pays for travel for national team entrants into other competitions
    • PCO pays for coaching and training
    • PCO pays for facilities for national training centres (need to develop strategy to facilitate development and training of national team and development roster)
      • Tentative locations:
        • Western (include BC, Yukon)
        • Prairies (include Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, NWT)
        • Ontario (include Nunavut)
        • Quebec
        • Atlantic Canada (include New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland)
  • high performance coaching: how to select the coach, manager, non-playing captain, etc. (PAO Trillium Coaching group)
  • training plans (High Performance Team Coach)
  • activities/events to support and or appear in (PCO PR, later)
  • partnerships (PCO Marketing)
 Example of Team Make Up
Canadian National Open Age Team
(Assuming IFP sanctioned International Championships requests 2 entrants from Canada)
  • Male Singles: 2 individuals
  • Female Singles: 2 individuals
  • Male Doubles: 2 pairs (as units from within a province/territory)
  • Female Doubles: 2 pairs (as units from within a province/territory)
  • Mixed Doubles: 2 pairs (as units from within a province/territory)
Thus a total of 16 players, assuming no overlaps (players qualifying in more than one category).
Other (Example allocation based on end of Feb 2019 registered participants)
    number of entrants= 24    
    # base allotments 1      
Aff     Base Allotment portion Portion Allotment Total Allotment
y BC 3646 1 0.23 4 5
y Yukon 46 1 0.00 0 1
y Alberta 3844 1 0.24 4 5
n NWT 0 0 0.00 0 0
n Nunavut 0 0 0.00 0 0
y Saskatchewan 712 1 0.05 1 2
n Manitoba 0 0 0.00 0 0
y Ontario 2209 1 0.14 2 3
y Quebec 3706 1 0.24 4 5
y New Brunswick 1110 1 0.07 1 2
y Nova Scotia 439 1 0.03 0 1
n PEI 0 0 0.00 0 0
n Nfld & Lab 0 0 0.00 0 0
n Outside 0        
8 Total 15712 8 1.00 16 24
As an example, for Alberta representation in the Open Age team championship tournament, 5 means 5 entries for each of:
  • Open Age Male singles
  • Open Age Female singles
  • Open Age Male doubles pair
  • Open Age Female doubles pair
  • Open Age Mixed doubles pair