Membership FAQ

Below are questions and answers to the Pickleball Canada membership process.
If you have a question that is not listed here, please use contact
When in doubt it is always best to contact your club membership director or your provincial 

Thank you.

1) Can you explain the different membership rates?
     The Rates are based on whether you are a member of  an affiliated club or an affiliated province/territory. 
2) I joined PC for one year through my provincial association. Why is my membership showing less than a year?
     Some clubs and/or provincial associations have a common expiry. Please contact your club membership director for more information
     or your provincial association. PC does not support stub year memberships. 

3) Who do I message if I have a problem with my membership?
     Please contact

4) What insurance coverage do I have?
     Insurance is covered in the Insurance FAQ section. 

5) How do I change my information?
     You can view and change your information from any screen by using the MEMBER LOGIN button at the top of the page to login to your profile.

6) What can  I do when I access my information on the PC database?
      Once you have successfully logged in to your profile, you can access the following
                Profile with your Pickleball Canada member number
                Member Information
                            - to edit your profile [as an example, add your club  if its not listed]
                            - change your user name and password
               Billing Info
                            -membership status/billing info
                            -pay membership dues 
              Other Info
                           - My invitations [pending]
                           - Prior Event Registrations [pending]
                           - Membership Card PDF

and more in the future. 
7) What will I be able to do in the future?
       In the future you will be able to manage events, communications, participate in surveys, various resource availability and multimedia.

8) Can I send in a check for my membership?
      We have adopted PAYPAL as our preferred method of payment. 

9) Do I have to join a club or the provincial association or can I join PC directly?
      Please note that the membership process is based on where your principal residence is located. Pickleball Canada has established formal relationships with certain regions to advance the sport of pickleball in Canada. Others are pending. 

               BC - through Pickleball BC [renewals are processed by BC]
               YT - direct through Pickleball Canada at the Pickleball Yukon set rate [renewals are managed by Pickleball Canada]
               AB - through Pickleball Alberta [renewals are processed by Pickleball Alberta]
               SK - direct through Pickleball Canada at the Saskatchewan Pickleball set rate [renewals are managed by Pickleball Canada]
               MB - direct through Pickleball Canada [renewals are processed directly by Pickleball Canada]
               NU - direct to Pickleball Canada [renewals are processed directly by Pickleball Canada]
               NT - direct to Pickleball Canada [renewals are processed directly by Pickleball Canada]
               ON - through Pickleball Association of Ontario [renewals are processed through the Pickleball Association of Ontario]
               PQ - through Fédération québécoise de pickleball [renewals are processed through Fédération québécoise de pickleball ]
               NB - direct through Pickleball Canada at the New Brunswick Pickleball set rate [renewals are managed by Pickleball Canada]
               NS - direct through Pickleball Canada at the Nova Scotia Pickleball set rate [renewals are managed by Pickleball Canada]
               PEI - direct to Pickleball Canada [renewals are processed directly by Pickleball Canada]
               NF - direct to Pickleball Canada [renewals are processed directly by Pickleball Canada]

10) How do I get information on my membership?
      The easiest way is to use the MEMBER LOGIN button on ANY SCREEN

11) Can we join as a Club or do we have to join as individuals?
       You may join as a club. Please see the criteria for affiliated club membership. Please check with your provincial association first. 

12) How/where do I find my member number?
      Your Pickleball Canada number is shown on your profile once you have logged in

13) My membership was dropped. How do I reinstate it?
       Pickleball Canada drops a member from the active file after 60 days past expiry. This is not a delete. Dropped members may re-instate
       their memberships by paying their invoice and be automatically re-instated back to an active member without admin assistance.   

14) Why does sometimes it takes so long for my membership to be processed? 
       Pickleball Canada recently installed a new automated membership system. Up until now, the process was completely manual. 
       However, many clubs and provincial associations are still using a manual lists to process their memberships to Pickleball Canada. We have updated the system using the upload 
       tool. Processing is not much faster but not totally ideal. In 2020, PCO will be installing a new integrated technology platform to make the membership process seamless between             member, club, province and national.  In the meantime, please be patient. We are all volunteers . Thanks  

15) Is the membership system available in both languages?
Pickleball Canada is committed to offer all services in both official languages of Canada, English and French. We are working towards that goal
      and hope ot have everything in both languages available towards the middle of this year. We have a team of dedicated individuals who are moving
      this project forward. We have also had the commitment from Memberleap to work towards that goal. 

16) What is the difference between a club and an account? 
      Accounts are assigned at the time of your new membership or were assigned as a result of the transfer of data to the new system. They are for
      accounting and administrative purposes only. To change an account, please have your club membership director, send your request to:
      There are two fields for clubs, 1 and 2. Members can change their clubs at any time by logging into their profiles. Clubs are where you usually
      play and although can be similar to an account, have no administrative or accounting features. 

17) Why is there a delay in receiving my PC membership number or renewal confirmation? Pickleball Canada believes in a member driven process whereby members get instantaneous confirmation of new memberships and renewals. However, we are still processing new and renewal memberships through provinces that do not integrate with the PC membership system thus causing delays. We encourage all provincial/territorial associations to adopt a seamless integrated database approach to memberships across the country.